The pilots learned Americans on this rhino’s future generation “

מטוס הרקולס בתרגיל הצנחה. צילום ארכיון: חיל האוויר

Nevatim base ready for transport planes Hercules “J” are:
An American Squadron landed at the base for training that taught the pilots on future aircraft

תאריך: 19/02/2013, 17:16    
מחבר: יובל צוק ושני פומס, אתר חיל-האוויר

This month landed at the root sprouts special honored guests: Hercules C-130J Americans who came to train with ה”קרנף aircraft”, the old version of the Hercules aircraft in the IAF. J Hercules aircraft in the Israeli version, “Samson”, included the air force only in 2014, but Hercules pilots had the opportunity to meet the full range of aircraft.

“This visit is part of international cooperation that strengthens air force out of the understanding that not all wisdom is with us, and we should also learn from other air forces”,
Explains Lieutenant Colonel dosage, the elephants Squadron “. This time, the pilot will be shared with 37 of the United States Army, as a permanent base in Germany, ramsten American base, the largest outside the u.s. “this squadron operates in Afghanistan and Africa, Lieutenant Colonel. “We should learn the lessons Americans produce these scenes”.


The pilots learned Americans on this rhino’s future generation “

A c-130 training this month. “This squadron operates in Afghanistan and Africa. We should learn lessons from them “. Photo: air force

“The revolution will be array-advanced technologies and fuel savings

In the practice, joined the American planes Hercules planes the Israelis and flew together over the sky. Day and night, they performed tasks navigation, landing and sank that allowed Israeli pilots to see the plane. “The Hercules J are advanced flight systems is longer than akrenf and more economical fuel,” says major tributary, Deputy Commander of the “Knights of the yellow bird.” “As we learn from other forces on the Hercules J before it reaches us, the better.”

Who will receive the full planes, is the Squadron, wing and Squadron re-opened as Samson. But even the old Rhino will no longer be disappointed: they are a process improvement designed to extend service. “The embryo formation
Dramatic process, determines major tributary, Deputy Commander of the “Knights of the yellow bird”, “in the near future will revolutionize array.

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Translated from Hebrew