The power company foiled the attack: “we are ready for an event of this magnitude.”

Captain to squad Commander, “cutting edge” of the armored Corps was among the first to reach the scene at Kerem Shalom, praises the functioning of power in space: “the forces acted with determination, cooperation.”

תאריך: 06/08/2012, 20:01    
מחבר: מרום סיני, ענף תקשורת, דובר צה”ל

Captain to Sri, the spearhead Brigade Commander of the armored Corps, was one of the first to jump to an event which happened last night, during which foiled terrorist infiltration into Israel territory. In an interview given to IDF website says that “we have recently accepted many warnings about an attack of this magnitude and duration of the two weeks we were on high alert.

When he started the event, around eight o’clock in the evening, Captain Ajit notified held an event in the area of Philadelphi and realized that something’s wrong. “I had a feeling
Really not good, got out of a meeting and called my Deputy to prepare the tank and the team so that we reach the point of maximum speed event, “he describes. Lasri rushing to get to the tank crew and seconds from the event to grab momentum. The tank began moving toward the border on Philadelphi route.

“While the movement received reports of a truck bomb that exploded at the Israel-Egypt border.
In addition we informed both vehicles with terrorists who came to Israel border
Egypt one exploded and the other into a trusted, “he goes on to describe” armoured personnel carrier was 650 meters from us. The cannon fire and brought the shell to buy. ”
While lseri and his tank crew prepare the tank to fire Cannon, faulted Sri work
The glitch and within seconds the tank was ready again.

Parallel to the fault operation, extra power to assist and shot two shells in the direction of the armoured shells killed two terrorists. “After we saw the shells hit an armored personnel carrier began a search in order to ensure that there are no more terrorists in Israel territory.”

Sri says that the function of the arrays was great, it was a combination of forces.
The air force reserve and the infantry. In addition to praise Sri company on the readiness and determination and States: “were you in the best way. I am pleased with my platoon that operated above expectations. “

Translated from Hebrew