The President awarded certificates to 120 outstanding soldiers and officers.

נשיא המדינה והרמטכ”ל, היום. צילום: לע”מ

Among the honors program: 41 79 soldiers, airmen The ceremony honors the Gantz article through the excellence he sees “the IDF’s command in another decade.”

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מחבר: רותם פסו ומערכת אתר צה”ל

(V) Excellence ceremony was held in the President, the President’s House in Jerusalem, during which gave President, Mr. Shimon Peres, certificates of excellence to one hundred and twenty officers and soldiers of the IDF units the ceremony held in the presence of the President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, the Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak, Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff Forum members, officers and soldiers who Excel and their families.

The ceremony opened with the fly-a helicopter “OWL” and two of “threshold” above
The President followed the ceremony at the President House, Garden, and outstanding students received certificates of merit from the President of the country.

The soldiers were outstanding, comprehensive process and various committees and won the title of “President” Excellence Prize awarded, which is a model for the entire army, subvert their intentions for excellence and demonstrating dedication, professionalism and responsibility. Status of excellence honours diploma received from the Association of a scholarship of $ 4,000, blavatnik fund donation “, the establishment of Mr. Len blavatnik, the contributors of the friend of Association uk (UK Friends of AWIS).

Among the 41 outstanding are soldiering, 79 are soldiers, 17 are new immigrants, 11 are lone soldiers, 19 are officers and 61 are combatants.

The President awarded certificates to 120 outstanding soldiers and officers.

The ceremony Honors State President because “the State of Israel proud.” He noted that “the people consider you a outstanding army. Harry added 120 new hopes.
I knew the previous generations. Cetiinio generation and generation. And the generation than its predecessor. But
You stand a world without borders, and technology. This new mode you need to deter an enemy, to prevent war, to win the conflict, to strengthen the security of Israel. “

Honors added in noting President Peres that “you must deal with ranges, new depths and distances at sea, on land and in the air, in space and in the depths of the ocean,
Intel taps surpassing the imagination. The powers revealed outweigh the visible. Nnn headed unbearable fire tests, when attackers had numbers on them, but the IDF human strength man “. “The IDF is an army and values and social justice must be based on equality, the burden on the people. The IDF moral level high, and his commanders became doubts, hopes dangers. “

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said that when he looked at the excellence he “sees through them.
Tomorrow. I look at them in their work and values that motivate them, and see how you can look the IDF command in ten and twenty years. “

“I see the key roles in the field and at Headquarters, who already occupied Weaseling his way into tomorrow that the IDF will continue to preserve the legacy and crossed over the continued intensification,
The Chief said, noting that “in the face of the threats and emerging challenges are heard around the State of Israel while, continues to prepare for any scenario, to practice and to establish military supremacy. However, future challenges and preparedness was not possible without the commanders and soldiers to gents bmopt serve as an example and the hatatzmotho character of the IDF.

Lt. General Gantz said that the “outstanding volunteer for another shift, another mission, sacrificed and invested beyond expected to fill the role for the best. Because of this consistency, excellence, you are the forefront of IDF and at land, air and sea. ” Although the army wished to two medical students who were injured in the accident.
At Mount Herzl, the cm and cm gift kricheli Hagar, hospitalized at the hospital, as well as to the family of Lt. Hila Raj, who was killed in the disaster.

Women’s Affairs Advisor, Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel expressed satisfaction with the fact that one third of the great SATS are women. “There is a decent representation of women in all areas, from around IDF, which grant their unique contribution to the Squadron, said the IDF website, given the honors” is also by a woman Deputy Daniela Dolev maid as logistics officer in the engineering corps. These days, women’s representation and officers
Get special meaning. It’s the best way to celebrate the fourth of July, and there is more substantial and beautiful time “.

The full list of honors

Northern command

Sergeant Jacob Weizmann, lived in “first hand”.
Almia pntaon icon, a lightning battalion “.
Corporal orian, Sergeant promotions designed “Thunder”.
Sergeant Taysir Haren, troop sword “.
Abu USAID turn icon, a troop of Gideon. “
Corporal Wasim חוגי’ראת, designed with “quotation”.
Lieutenant Breyer testified, troop’s Lance. “
Sergeant Eden Danino, a fighter in the Gunners.
Tai faction symbol, Commander of the battalion mortars “Saar”.
Anna toratniock, symbol .. “Regiment”.
Sergeant Eden reuveni, battalion “reshef”.
Lieutenant eliran aldori, Deputy Commander of battalion staff “.
Sergeant Ayalon, decorated fighter Bay “the assault”.
Sergeant Ben Kaminsky, a warrior.
Sergeant Yehezkel, an icon in “Blade” battalion.

Southern command

Corporal t..
Corporal s., warrior in the desert patrol battalion.
Corporal Emmanuel.
My icon.
Ilya povrzsky icon, the Givati Brigade.
Sergeant Eyal Hertzog, Sergeant in the regiment “Rotem”.
Sergeant Rob Ainslie, emblem of the Sabra battalion.
Sgt. Dvir Dothan, in “Samson’s foxes”.
Sergeant Nathalie RIF, Caracal class command.
Coat of arms of Yael Sirota, ICT operator mountain Foundation.
Sergeant Salem Al-Atrash, a Scout unit.
Sergeant Alicia Smith, dress.

Central command

Sergeant Nitai Giron, a basalt “troop.
Sergeant Dago zigato in Commons, the paratroopers.
A staff sergeant and Sergeant in the regiment “Viper”.
Corporal, Sergeant song operational spatial Division.
Master subscription icon, “Nitzan battalion ..”.
Sergeant Craig Harlan, a designed “wake”.
Finnish pldbaum icon, a troop threshold “.
Sergeant David Shuraki, “netzah Yehuda battalion Regiment.
Sergeant Tomer, was commander of a battalion “reshef”.
Staff Sergeant Ethan, a.
Sergeant Nov tsihor, Commander of a regiment “Dragon”.
Sergeant Michael Aviram, Ben Ami, Kfir class icon.
Staff Sergeant Omri ordkovitz, a tank commander in the battalion “popping”.
Lt. Yair, Commander of a platoon in the regiment “rattlesnake”.
Sergeant dawn Perlmutter, a warrior “Glen”.
Great download, Sergeant a “Samson” battalion.
Sergeant Itai, a “cherry”.
Sergeant Gilad in fighter rodobka.


Sergeant alain tigbo, a battalion of daybreak.
Sergeant Hoffman, prevented a class icon “Regiment”.
Shirel Cohen, Deputy operations officer for the battalion, “promote”.
Corporal bat-Chen, restricted the Nachshon battalion “.

The Ministry of Defense

Corporal Sapphire Massoud, to bereaved families.
Corporal lihi, from that.

Personal security unit

Corporal, admission tests.

Coordinator of government activities in the territories

Sergeant Shi kricheli.
Planning Directorate
Lieutenant Jonathan band, a military cooperation Department.

C4I Corps

Sergeant Chris Nasser, that develop education in the school context.
Wait icon.
Sergeant Shiraz.

Technological and Logistics Directorate

Lieutenant David, armament.
Sergeant Ben GAL, head of the school of medicine.
Anna pngntel, icon consulting Minister.
Lieutenant Danielle Dolev, a logistics battalion officer “Assaf”.
Icon Eden Amar, a counselor at technical armament.
AES kseb icon, gas supplier hatzerim airbase.

Personnel wing

Corporal Juliana haich, that link the Adjutant Corps.
Corporal Thomas the goose, that the terms of service.
Lt. Rachel Mengistu, Deputy company commander in Tel Hashomer.
Sergeant Daniel koshmako, the taoz battalion of the military police.
Deputy Company Commander Berry, at the base of אלו”ן.
Sergeant Daniel Schorr, enlist.
Corporal dawn gas, that education in the Center.
Lieutenant Hagai Oren-prison officer Tel.


Corporal beast shiousachorder, Head Office of Chief weapons.
Captain Dr. Sharon Ohayon, medical officer of the flotilla sets.
Vice, a naval submarines.
Sergeant Obadiah Pierce, active protection systems, a medic and electronic systems.
The Sergeant by ondeni, Deputy Commander of a ship.
Sergeant, a marine commando unit.
Staff Sergeant Yaniv Friedlander, Deputy Commander of a ship.
Sergeant z, a naval submarines.

Air force

Deputy Oleg Rowena oak, a security officer control unit South regional.
Cadet officers course, Anastasia begdalov received a medic.
Sergeant Dennis Khachaturian, technician in technical professions.
Corporal Natalie levy, clerk at the base “palmachim”.
Corporal Alfred desmostachya, technician at Ramat David.
Corporal clerk, witnesses at the aerial firefighting unit.
Sergeant Hagar symbolizes caution, rookies at the aerial defense.
Corporal Yael builds, that training at the base.
I’m so glad to see Amelia, icon aircraft technician.
Corporal liav zeyde.
Sergeant Peter shine, Chief armament in hatzerim airbase.
Corporal Inbal label, an aircraft technician at Tel NOF airbase.
Seal of Solomon’s ozicant, a “blue report”.
Sergeant Ephraim, a shaldag unit “.
Sergeant g.

GoC army headquarters

Lieutenant Isaac chetrit, a אב”ך Regiment of combat engineering.
Sergeant Ron Breuer, shooting instructor at the school.
Song Sergeant, squad Commander at the base Rookie “Dothan”.
Sergeant aviad ren David, quartermaster officer school.
Corporal Jordan well, name the articles.
Icon bar LAVI battalion “warrior Eagle”.
Sergeant Ariel Wolfe, a gunner.
Greenberg, Deputy Deputy Chief Anand company commanders course.
Staff Sergeant Daniel, NORAD commanders course in Gunnery School.
Dana vitler, Deputy in the articles.
Sgt. Daphne merimsky, Sergeant in the school of infantry professions.
Sergeant Gilad Guetta, the mortars at the infantry subjects.
Sergeant Tomer Cadet heaters in preparation for leadership in combat engineering school.
Sergeant Noam, a diamond.
Sergeant a night, an unmanned aircraft.
Sergeant Jackie 3abath 4EVER, combat engineering.
Lieutenant horizon, Deputy Commander of battalion battery “Tiger”.

Military Rabbinate

Deputy glikrman, elder hawks military Rabbinate.

Intelligence Corps

Corporal Avraham.
Lieutenant Eliezer.
Coat of arms of oak.
Corporal Maya.
Corporal Ziva.
Wave icon.
Sergeant Assaf.
Sergeant Alexei.

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