The President Peres surprised 120 outstanding soldiers

צילום: יוסף אבי יאיר אנגל

President Shimon Peres came as a surprise to the generals in rehearsals, so House Garden to honor troops on independence day: “eyes will be on you, I’m here to thank you.”

תאריך: 11/04/2013, 14:56    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Israeli President Shimon Peres surprised today (Thursday) the 120 outstanding soldiers who will receive a certificate of merit on independence day, when the main garden stage the President to shake his hand during rehearsals the generals.

“In the eyes of the whole country to be married to you, rightly, as soldiers and airmen
Excel. You look wonderful, the girls and the boys, “the President said,” I believe you’re special army. Israel Defense Forces is the army defending the country but is also the Israel Army. Without the IDF have no chance for peace, and this army! Each and every one of you. “

The President Peres surprised 120 outstanding soldiers

“Everyone looks at you to detail how the beret on your head, what you wore the uniforms at, how you are what sustain mode. You create the mood for national day of independence. I came to thank you for an outstanding venue and to express my hope that you pass all State honors. I think all citizens look only on independence day and your presence and your cum gives a lot of hope for everybody, “said the President.

At the end of the President’s remarks to soldiers, shook hands warmly interested in safety and asked them questions about their origin, place of residence, their units and more. Then the President joked with the troops and said it for me like it back for you. “

Translated from Hebrew