The primary reserve officer: “the ethos is empty, you need to protect it.”

Birthday tribute to the reserves, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat “to use resources to facilitate catering. New data on the array: more women serve in RES, 110% would when emergencies

תאריך: 09/08/2012, 10:14    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Thursday) the day specified for the reserve formation, saluting the army reserve serving in critical wing and victory on the battlefield.

According to figures from the reserve value, more and more women are joining the network and constitute about 14%. In 2008, only 8% were on fatigues. The region also has the highest rate in the reserves is Judea and Samaria (34%)
Followed by North (29%), Center (28%) Jerusalem (28%) And the South (27%).

19% of retired servants were born abroad, the average age of an array is 31 and half the servants in Wikipedia. 72% of reserves in high school-educated
And 91% of the company are education (compared to 40% in the general population).

Only 5% of the achshirim in service, serve it in practice and reporting for reserves. However, 80 percent of them reporting for service when they are called. The reserve estimate is that when emergencies reporting rate comes to about 110%.

The officer, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat, called on the Government to invest resources to facilitate serving and encourage them in their work. The ethos is empty and has to save him and give him the ability to cope. The perks given today to serve are OK, but you must run in order to stabilize the status of reserve personnel.

Translated from Hebrew