The protection of the borders of Jerusalem: the Jerusalem Brigade train

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The Division which every day is day Jerusalem: a second, raised among Presidents and one Prime Minister, continues to train 66 years after its inception, and is preparing to cope with the challenges of the next campaign Scheduler

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מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

For Lt. Col. (Ret.) Remo coral, every day is day.
Lt.-Col. (Res.) Almog, a resident of Tel Aviv, dealing with everyday life in medicine, but his day has daily tinkering in the regiment lives on is a reserve battalion commander – 8 of Jerusalem. “It’s a demanding,” he admits. “That is why it is so hard for us to keep officers on the company’s roles and later – every day there is the tinkering that is associated with the regiment.

Outside the trailer in which it sits are soldiers of the Regiment, scattered on the asphalt, waiting for him to participate in night. Body fatigues and boots on their feet – iloaimnikit image. The main thing that stands between them and hlponies Hill the cliches he absorbed some smartphones, points of light illuminating the darkness of tze’elim base. “It doesn’t concern me,” explains Lt. Col. (Res.) Almog.
“After two days of training always ends everybody a battery then it starts to run better. The Battalion soldiers interpreted as shbaud, few hours out to dry and wet drills within the firewall.

The protection of the borders of Jerusalem: the Jerusalem Brigade train

Photo: IDF

The Division established 66 years ago, whose power to gene regularly on Jerusalem. Over the years, the growing division among the two Presidents and a Prime Minister — the late Chaim Herzog, the sixth President of the State of Israel, he commanded her, Ruben
(Ruby) Rivlin, the current President, served as an intelligence officer, and Sharon was commanded
One of the Division’s brigades.

In 1973 the regiment soldiers have been in the Egyptian border fortification when the Yom Kippur war broke out, and suffered many casualties. In recent years the relationship between the capital Division is only symbolic. If in the past the main task of the Division to protect Jerusalem, are faced with a variety of a much wider threats – last year they
The time for extensive disruptions in Judea and Samaria during the “Cliff”, an extensive workout two weeks old at the beginning of this month, it trained for combat in built-up areas and dunes of the Gaza Strip.

“The uncanny is this space before crossing the fence.”

It is early morning, but the Sun is already beating down over the fire zones
Tze’elim’s. When you look at the sand dunes and scattered vegetation, reminiscent of the fighting areas encounter death, it’s hard not to back Israeli army 10 months back, operation “Cliff”.

The protection of the borders of Jerusalem: the Jerusalem Brigade train

The border police command runs between the dunes and the Brill shoes leave footprints in the soft sand. The smell of gunpowder that nostrils suggests a battle occurs just a few feet below.
The area through which the soldiers see runners and, but he hides in it than meets the eye. “It’s a surface route that amsovchim that is so random – could be behind the Sand Hill three meters from me, and I don’t have to see him,” explains Lieutenant Colonel Danny Okun, on “fighting in Gaza as Meg” Rotem “of Givati and today’s practice the Jerusalem Brigade targeted capacity. “It really looks like Beit Hanoun area and it is still very relevant for combat”.

Besides the voices sound more commonly used is “spread out”!
The threat is not new, but looking ads which sharpened in recent fighting in Gaza, where many fighters have lost their lives already in the Conference due to פצמ”רים injury. “What we ב’צוק taper Ethan, unlike previous confrontations in Gaza is the issue,” explains Colonel, Brigade Commander Yoav Mordechai, “not only in the context of the home – but the space of the Conference areas. We understand that it is rather uncanny space before crossing the fence. Everything we’ve seen in the cliff with them will increase in IDF-practice and prepare for the next confrontation, we’re not a sucker and I guess he’s done the same thing.

The soldiers are training is a new pilot training model of reserves for warring divisions: advanced training for two weeks, beginning with the regimental exercises in fire and targeted in a week-old geezer. “That’s how we
The Division on mobilization, across sectors, in the aggregate and for early war – as we do in a situation, “Colonel Mordechai. “Ethan” ב’צוק operational decision was to give the land maneuver in leash for regular forces, but no
Doubt that if he decided to extend this cooperation we had – the reserves. We are always ready, we ב’צוק with them, and in the order 8, cloud and I’m sure the next showdown will be the first to enlist.

Translated from Hebrew