The provincial wing of the air force.

Pilots accompanying the operation contracts “pillar” 24 hours a day, gather intelligence on the ground and in the air and try to avoid surprises for our troops

תאריך: 15/11/2012, 20:42    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת ויפתח כרמלי, אתר צה”ל

From the assassination of Hamas ‘ armed wing Ahmed jaabari yesterday (Wednesday), vigorously air force in Gaza skies instument destroying targets, weaponry and warehouses sending. Already in preparation for operation “pillar” and those moments, the first “ה”טייסת Squadron collecting intelligence and air force contracts, all now in operation, and forms the basis for all aerial interception and attack.

The first ה”טייסת” active “Felicia freighters, and engaged in intelligence gathering and visualization tasks, and since participated actively in all wars and Israel operations. Deputy URI, Airman and planning officer in the squadron who took part in the flight preceding operation, said “we felt lucky that we have internalized. The initial phase of the operation is critical for us. In the procedure, then we are always relaxing. We remain always vigilant operation, but it is difficult to say that we were surprised.

Another squadron Airman, Lt. Omar, said the IDF site today because “we know all programs and all our response options, and waiting to see how Hamas would respond. Squadron personnel can operate in any way the political and military Echelon decides. ” In addition, the pilot described how the squadron conducted during operation, and said that the activity volume big operation Squadron and the discourse about never ends. “This kind of flights connecting people. There is interest and ongoing work, and everyone stays involved, “he added.

The planning officer of the Squadron, Lt. URI said that “today is the day for us, turn the main power and most of the targets we agreed so far achieved.” The pilot added that as I look at planning officer a day or two ahead. Our goal is to be less surprised so far encountered no surprises really.

Translated from Hebrew