The raise in November of armored Corps launched: “the tank can decide its value.”

Commons motivation, thousands raise period November of armored Corps already
For these challenges. The main armor officer “who aspires to serve in the force affects and decisive – come to the right place.”

תאריך: 28/11/2011, 10:50    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

Thousands raise November cycle for armored Corps reported yesterday (Mon) at base of absorption and sorting at Tel Hashomer. From early in the morning came around the empty base and encouragement, along with shows mothers crying and choked, knowing conversion, today they release the boys. Along with the black-green dglei flags hanging in the air, it was clear beyond any doubt, November of armored Corps was launched.

“I was standing right here 25 years ago, when Terry’s armored Corps”, open the main armor officer remarks, Brig. Gen. Yigal slovik, to give words of blessing for fresh recruits. “As a serving soldier and served in most roles that it offers, I know that whoever aspires to be the most influential force and decisive on the field came to the right place.

Tank has always been and will be a dry platform you can get a decision, “added
קשנ”ר.,” which would bring to the fore a sophisticated war vessels and costing millions of dollars, is ultimately you and your professionalism. ” Brig. Gen. slovik
Stressed that “to be trained and skilled, so you make more on a mission so come home safe and sound.”

“Israel’s right to exist about this time being a strong army and IDF is all duty to serve the best” service, summed up the weapons.

Translated from Hebrew