The recognitions awarded 50 outstanding officers and officers

Certificates of merit were awarded to officers for outstanding contributions and their units of their highest standards as general staff officers in the IDF, Gantz: “you are the answer
Israel any security threat, near or far. “

תאריך: 19/03/2013, 21:35    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) held ceremony of excellence Chief of the General staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, in תשע”ג Rabin camp (campus). The ceremony was attended by 50 officers and officers from various units of the IDF honor them awarded certificates of excellence for their outstanding their units and being a role model as commanders in the IDF.
For the first time, granted to outstanding officers Chief excellence signal mask.

The ceremony led by Chief of general staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, and members of the General staff and commanders of Army Corps.

The Gantz said at the ceremony that “you, by example and role model for serving in the IDF, Israel’s response to any security threat, near or far. Opposite of rocket
Hamas and Hezbollah’s rockets, versus those who see themselves as the successors of those who were divided we fall; Them – you effective weapons and finest “.

Honor roll list

Technological and Logistics Directorate:
Captain Yaron Golan, Chief paramedic course in naval training base. Captain Yael Gottlieb to toine, mental health officer in logistics school.

Personnel department:
Captain Valery firer, company headquarters in the Erez battalion “.

Air force:
Lieutenant, a pilot for “Knights of the North”. Captain Adam Mohamed,
Maintenance hammers Squadron “. Captain Isaac, a mechanic from Tel NOF base “Airborne”. Captain Abdu, flight control unit control arm. Captain Nathaniel Flash flight control officer at the base “palmachim”. Captain Zeb Zohar, Commander of a Patriot battery in the unit “Hawk and patriot.” Captain, an officer in an elite unit. Captain sat, air staff officer at air force headquarters. Captain r., air staff officer at air force headquarters. Captain Yevgeny neighbourhood yoseftal, awinich officer in air gear Captain a. lnterpretation officer in the arm.

Captain, an officer in naval submarines. Lieutenant v., an elite unit.
Captain, Commander real bee in the ongoing party. Captain dill, wave control Base Commander “Eilat”.

Southern command:
Vice Squad Commander, combatants in “grenade”. Captain Dana Benn.
Ezra, Commander Army Brigade Combat intelligence collection Corps. Lieutenant c Lieutenant a company commander in the battalion “Eagle”.

Central command:
Capt. Amos Bull, a company commander in the Division Patrol Capt. Yotam
Ruff, a company commander in the battalion “threshold”. Captain ORIT Franco, an entity designed to officer in “the age”. Captain m., intelligence officer in central command. Captain Nathaniel to Sri, company commander in the battalion “popping”.

Front command:
Captain sterlatin, novel preparations district in the province.

Northern command:
Captain Daniel Cohn, warrant officer in TOS. Captain Gilad, a company commander in the battalion “Lance” designed “the assault”. Lt. Erez markson, a medical officer in the regiment “company”. Lieutenant m., Deputy Cmdr. guaranty unit. Captain
Alice Perlstein, regimental communications officer in formatted “Thunder”.

C4I Corps:
Lieutenant, an officer in the technology. Lieutenant Oren, Commander of the Brigade in the school context.

GoC army headquarters:
Captain Cyril aronovich, company commander at the school to collect. Deputy Commander of the team, the warriors. Lieutenant l., unmanned aerial artillery force. Captain Amit .v, Commander of the Brigade in “Stinger”.
Lieutenant Commander pilueri telor, rookie rookie base company “Dothan”. Lieutenant Jesus bar, Commander of the Department of engineering. Deputy dawn entitled, operations officer at the national training center.

Intelligence Corps:
Captain Thunderbolt, an intelligence officer in the Intelligence Department. Captain Kfir, an intelligence officer in the Intelligence Department. Capt. Orr, a provincial unit and loweinot. Captain shot, intelligence officer intelligence wing. Lieutenant, an officer in the Intelligence Department. VP, logistics officer in the intelligence Corps.

Planning Directorate:
Captain me pishdrond, Assistant Head of the strategy Division strength.

Operations Division:
Captain, an officer in the Operations Division.

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