The release Shalit רס”ל:” any soldier, each control affects – and everyone is committed. “

צילום: מיכאל שבדרון, דובר צה”ל

Lieutenant General Benny Gantz spoke at graduation ROTC land successfully, it ended Union 386 cadets. At the new officers, saying: “we must adhere to for the realization of our mission.”

תאריך: 26/10/2011, 17:36    
מחבר: דניאלה בוקור ומערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Wednesday) held at officers at mitzpe Ramon, graduation
ROTC land consolidation, 31. The ceremony was held in the presence of Minister of Defense, Mr. Ehud Barak, Chief of the General staff, General Benny Gantz, Commander of GoC army headquarters, major general Solomon (Sammy) turgeman, school leaders of GoC army headquarters, graduates, families and friends.

This ceremony was conducted at the end of the course, challenging, professional and, eight months after the cadet officer ranks were graduates, second lieutenant. Minister of Defense and Chief of the officers ranks reveal. Starting tomorrow will mature to fit and fill leadership roles at all combat units of the army, according to a Navy gunnery came, armor, combat engineering, collection, infantry and paratroopers.

The course successfully completed 386 cadets, of which about 7% of girls. Also, among the 6% of finishers in group, 11% live in or country, 23% live in communal settlement and 60% live in the city. A leading city in the number of officers is Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.

Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak told the new officers that are impressive and authentic mosaic “of Israel. The leadership and command you to stand at the top of the power during a test, after ‘ function and lead to results “task.

“We live in a time when the world and the Middle East in particular,” indicated years
The Defense Minister, “Arab Nations spring tattoo leaders and authoritarian rulers and reflect the desire of peoples but it is open and wide door to the world of political power also extreme Islamic elements in all sectors. Factors that pose a threat to the stability of the entire region. “

“Our us reaching peace but not always answer and answer of Israel with everything around us is filled with strong, long and IDF, trained and equipped in the field and command,” added the Minister. Minister Burke noted that “alongside the exciting opportunity to deep changes in priorities and the nature of social protest folded world, we must remove the security challenges and well-fed in response, in budgets and
In the force. “

Chief, General Benny Gantz said at the ceremony that “changes in the Middle East, do reinstall the threats of Israel, in addition to the stubborn attempts of terrorist offense in the State of Israel and its citizens. Together created a complex threats which Israel and Israeli State must exist, and readiness, people have to face as leaders
New field of Israel Defense Forces.

Ganz added the army and referred to his return to Israel of Gilad Shalit and רס”ל said that a week ago, after more than five years, the border protection job across the Gaza Strip, of 2, h botzvat Couture ‘ lightning ‘, when returned to his country and his sergeant major
Gilad Shalit. Wish to Sergeant Gilad Shalit and his family a successful unification, and be for the lives and happiness.

The Chief said the new officers that “we, the IDF commanders and soldiers say the Government of Israel, and I am your commanding officer, and all commanders in the IDF: we are committed, dedicated, committed to all action necessary for State security. The responsibility
Tasks and the commitment to implementation are in the code and values and we must stick to it all the time. “

Lt. General Ganz added, stressing that the deal requires to meet the many challenges he expected in the next few years. He noted the fact that foreigners perceptions applauded the deal and so that every soldier in the army “considered”. “Indeed,” said Ganz, Chief “in every soldier.
Count each control affects and everyone is committed. This is the power of the United States and the State of Israel
To Sumer, of our commitment to our mission and our people. “

The Commander of GoC army headquarters, major general Solomon (Sammy) turgeman, told officers that “against the threats
You, the lead departments and step on the power head pillar of fire before the camp. Your men shall believe families every heart that return the deposit to them what they love – healthy, mature and complete than the innocent boy who came home.

Translated from Hebrew