The report will deal with the hard: Givati soldiers involved in “hazing”

Col. Ofer levy argues that ה”זובור events” revealed this week in Givati “serious incidents” and that commanders had been instructed “to take care of the soldiers accused in the worst way.”

תאריך: 16/03/2012, 14:42    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The Commander of the Givati Brigade, Col. Ofer levy, today (Friday) strongly to publications that reveal the events in Sabra Regiment soldiers. In an exclusive interview to the IDF website says Col. Levi that “there is no intention, as Division Commander, ignore
Case or to pretend they never happened. The soldiers accused will be treated in the manner
The most severe.

In a conversation with the IDF stressed that marrow-“feel the soldiers – our responsibility is the soldiers below so we have an obligation to ensure that behave in a proper manner. The Division’s high qualification under which companies are excellent with huge motivation. “

He said the cases have risen to command agenda when the company commander suspected that these events occur in the company. He questioned the men and discovered two exceptional events. “That flooded the events were commanders and company commanders that it happened. And in these cases the battalion commander and I ptano in hardware, “explained Brigade later decided to see if this happens in other battalions, and a similar case when another company is handled by the commanders. At the request of commanders, the military police ordered to investigate the details of the cases.

“The last time a similar magnitude event was over two years ago – two exceptional events. In all my years I’ve never come across Division in such serious events, “said Col. Levi. He said that when heard serious events take the division commanders in heavy punishment and a deterrent for the soldiers involved. Furthermore, the 48 officers “to see all the time what is happening in the company which the company commander’s role. These cases were discovered when they began. The company commander felt something was wrong, checked and discovered what I discovered.
In addition, the bone marrow that the conversations were
Executive information and companies themselves, the departments, Rabi plugatis and the company commanders – who warned them against harm to their friends or any abuse, defined by the Givati “severe” controls.

Translated from Hebrew