The reserve battalion of חטמ”ר Benjamin continues to practice.

חיילי המילואים בזמן האימון

The Regiment, recruited all escalations and operations over the past decade, there is a week of open space practice came to Moscow in order to maintain operational service

תאריך: 03/11/2013, 19:24    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

The reserve battalion of Benjamin חטמ”ר, bound, there is outright last week on open space training came when in order to keep the service operational.
The Regiment is one of several reserve brigades of the Division, which are called operational employment in case of escalation.

“Despite the budget cuts, we were able to have a complete workout of any troop, said the Deputy, Maj. fertilizers balls. “We put emphasis on strengthening the low grade level and Department, and finished in plugatis exercises for all companies.
The training was very important because the regiment switched his command “Avenue.

The regiment was recruited in all escalations and operations over the past decade — from operation defensive shield to the last operational during operation “pillar”. “We do a lot of important Government and reinforce the qualification of troop, said Maj. fertilizers,” these workouts are critical and essential.  It is important to performing a short even once a year – otherwise it is difficult to hold battalion Reserve soldiers arrive each scene, and it is also important to be met in order to strengthen cohesion.

The training lasts five days, when two days of which were dedicated to training commanders and majors and three days for orders. “It was a very successful practice, told a Deputy,
“There is a sense of elation that we set ourselves tasks. Battalion fighters
They figure files and know it well, especially the Benjamin and Ramallah.
The Regiment is prepared and has the capabilities and operations service “.

Translated from Hebrew