The reserve Division of the southern army command articles against terrorism-fighting

שועלי מרום באימון לפני מספר חודשים

The exclusion of “warriors of sky foxes” went to fight in Gaza
Also operation cast lead, and in operation they pillar here, full of motivation.
“For this moment are trained.”

תאריך: 19/11/2012, 17:18    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני ונעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Four years ago, entered the Gaza Strip to the reserve Brigade fighters Warrior Foxy ♥ “during operation cast lead. Now this is the second time preparing forces from Gaza during a call, if you will. Also, most of the pledges only to “pillar”.

“On Thursday at 2:00 a.m. was the first to call reservists reporting. This is starting to get the command to prepare the infrastructure for combat forces. Then, a few hours later, we started time fighters in reserve by telephone, described the IDF site Adjutant officer of the reserve Brigade of the southern command, “Merom” foxes, Captain Ronnie Schlesinger.

Electronic phone system dialed automatically to hundreds of reservists at any moment and has updated them when and where they should stand. Throughout the year the unit soldiers were held, summoned the reservists for a moment. Because of this, these warriors “Merom” foxes was carried out efficiently and quickly. Major said Schlessinger, the motivation is at its peak. “You could see it than it reported, some of them private cars, all dressed and chemicals. See they understand the importance of their role. Are patient even when waiting in line and thank themselves for this moment they practiced, “she explained,” they are ready to make the reserves out of the love of the land and all the right reasons “.

Only last May and conducted divisional training awarded GoC army units. These days they are candidates for Chief of reserve units.

The wing logistics also do recruiting thousands of reserve troops. “We are the hunters recruits with advanced weapons and gear,” the IDF site logistics operations officer, southern command, Maj. Moses Ben Sahar. “The main task for us is to prepare the conditions for the readiness command, the preliminary stage is necessary, and if we’re prepared very well this will facilitate the maneuvering stage,” he added.

In addition, the first technological and logistics practice fighting equipment Center and spare parts in an emergency situation, whose continued functioning and supplies under threat of falling missiles or the spread of hazardous materials. “This exercise helped us to gain perspective and contributed to the understanding of the importance of the measures than 2.3,” said major moon.


Translated from Hebrew