The revch: the Chief Rabbinate is home and we have everyone’s Rabbinate

תא”ל הרב רפי פרץ. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Commanders and military Rabbinate soldiers gathered for the event. The Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rabbi Rafi Peretz, said that “the military Rabbinate more centers, our connection to the natural area became”

תאריך: 05/09/2012, 12:40    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Military Rabbinate soldiers and commanders convened yesterday (Tuesday) in Tel Aviv University celebrated the military Rabbinate force. IDF officers and NCOs from all over came to celebrate the day of Elul on force in the presence of Chief Military Rabbi (רבצ”ר) Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz and senior staff officers — Colonel רמ”ח Rabbinate, Rabbi and rabbinical head of deer, Colonel Rabbi Moshe Horowitz.

Feast day of the military Rabbinate began with group tours at Beit hatfutsot, organized at the initiative of Jewish consciousness down field. The revch, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, told IDF website
“Beit hatfutsot is a place that connects our history to the present, and we believe that our deepest roots, this tree grows taller,” Tamir Also, adding that “our military occupation I wanted back in more ecologically rootedness, Panama big gift she’s won in establishing the State of Israel.”

During the Conference, also revch the status of the military force.
“The military Rabbinate is much more decentralized. From soldiers and rabbis who had contact with the surface, changing the whole worldview, “Brigadier General. He said many of the officers and NCOs were past Warriors and thus connecting the field is natural, which commanders see where real partners. “Many times people see the commanders and advisors”, said Brigadier General. The Chief Military Rabbi testified that he understands the field connection due to spend at least half of his weekend activities and trips.  “The work of the teams is based on familiarity with the area. We are now in the midst of progress, and that slumbers, “said revch.

One heart, one man

The event came to progress at an official ceremony held in the afternoon, during which won naval military Rabbinate also shows. Among the people who hit the stage include Cantor, Lieutenant Colonel Shai Abramson, military Rabbinate, Yishai lapidot singer and winner of reality show “music school”, Michelle Cohen.

During the ceremony featured recorded greetings on behalf of the Chief Rabbis of Israel. “It is our job to be the melting pot to the army. Military Rabbinate of the IDF is the mezuzah and his allies, said Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, Israel. Sephardic Chief Rabbi to Israel, Rabbi Shlomo Amar, also of the Conference and its participants. “This Conference stated as bringing of righteous their pleasure – joy to the world. It will be a blessing for the troops and to Israel. I am happy to greet the large conference and participants, to consolidate and gain strength on anything, and with love.
Israel, being all one heart. Rabbi Ovadia Yosef also sent greetings to the participants and stated that “you are the guardians of the walls on the Sabbath and the kosher laws, and makes the person. Some of you are blessed. “

Meanwhile, the military force honor the cetiinio. All scanning units commanders, responsible for finding IDF identify victims and their care, have won awards. Alongside awarded recognitions for soldiers and Airmen from the RAF, including
CPL. Noam Cliff used as fingerprint coded in treating soldiers Sgt. Sarit Ben-David, which works to promote the treatment of the religious Airmen in the Navy.

Everyone’s Rabbinate

The Chief Military Rabbi, Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, closed the ceremony with a speech which referred to, culminating with his appointment to the role the Chief Military Rabbi, and the close cooperation between the soldiers,
The officers and NCOs. “Your right, idotichs and anootchm allow to put our vision. The Rabbinate is home and we Rabbinate. Our doctrine about power in all areas
Life and existence, and we have a wonderful privilege to be in the military knows this and appreciates
“, Said Brigadier General.

For that matter, acknowledged Brig. Gen. broke into the Navy and expressed appreciation towards their work in various commands and units of the IDF. “We’re walking along, and we
Helping our military strength. This large vision source shape because there are people willing it, those that connect cell after cell and not leave anybody open link, “explained Brig. Gen. broke and added that” we meet together at the top of the shared responsibility for all of us, and the way is long and large. “

At the same time, the revch relationship between spiritual work of military Rabbinate and the strength of the IDF. “as you deepen the sanctity, deepen our ability to decide on the battlefield.
This equation needs to be clear – with her rise, and with her reach
The commanders and soldiers alike and one heart, “said Brigadier General.

At the end he said, revealed that these days Bay General perfect in design, work
And expressed the hope that the military Rabbinate would continue. “I believe that we will continue and move on. Back along the same free love. Today, more than ever, I feel that this dream will be a reality “, said the revch.

Translated from Hebrew