The revch: “we need to strengthen identification with the people.”


The Chief Military Rabbi Baker mchint international this week in South Tel Aviv, a company carrying out dialogue and service affiliation. “we are in reality at any given moment, we have to protect the people of his country.”

תאריך: 10/01/2013, 12:04    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The Chief Military Rabbi (רבצ”ר), Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz, arrived this week (two) to international mchint in southern Tel Aviv to visit with staff and prepares and campers.
The visit was a personal initiative of revch, to come and conduct a discussion with the staff and students of Jewish identity and its connection to the service in the IDF International Center (creates the nation’s soul), which belonged to him, Colin Firth is working to deepen Jewish identity from diverse perspectives.

Brig. Gen. Rabbi Peretz was himself involved in the preparatory activities of the military factor
“Alex”, who was transferred to later pioneer-sands residence. “Not all gang allows herself to be in this place in this town, and I’m feeling and sympathy.
It was important for me to come hear and speak together “, said Brigadier General staff preparatory ago Bay.

In the past three years serves as a General Chief Military Rabbi Bay, after a lengthy background
Air force accompanied him. “Until today I air force pilot to 50 flew combat Squadron”, shared the revch returning to the army three years ago, was
Because of the Chief’s request, Gabi Ashkenazi. “The army is to be returned to
Of all the most direct way, love and hugs. For any Israeli-Druze soldier, Christian, religious, secular, men and women, “Brigadier General and testified that” a huge task force of rabbis also will be in place. “

Military Rabbinate aims to connect soldiers to their roots while creating a bridge despite the kitovim. “This is a mission that I share her in depth, it tries to be faithful,” said Brigadier General. The role of the military Rabbinate
The first, he said, is strengthening the fighting spirit. “We build our soldiers that are better fighters. Everything serves the Middle latch means we must strengthen
The identification with the people, to stimulate a desire to fight for him and despite your soul “, said Brig. Gen. broke and added that” we are in reality every time we need to protect
People in this country. “

In a conversation in front of the prep school, revch stressed the importance of believing in the righteousness of way as part of military service. “It is important to us to squint to see them and we give him tools that peg him. Militiamen belong to our deepest point where each of the boys and girls who join the army ready for self-sacrifice to the top despite, “Brigadier General. At the end of the visit,
Encourage the apprentice to continue on his way unique also. “I’m coming!
To hold you in a year that is priceless. The deepest place trust towards Israel, “concluded that with revch.


Translated from Hebrew