The rookies opened new page: “change” command

אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

The Commander of the “wave” device 70% of amtgiisim, the Army Colonel living funding, IDF website interview about the challenges, complexities and accomplishments – through today’s new recruits to the soldiers of tomorrow.

תאריך: 07/09/2013, 17:21    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

All the soldier’s boot camp commanders moments–it returns what this process is. In wave, tironviot, understand the importance of the census, that could shape his attitude to the military service. Out of this understanding has grown in the past year and a half of their leadership approach harnesses.

“Magal is Commander of first man and later Commander, said in a conversation with the Commander of the IDF site about sickle, Colonel lived. “The goal is to create a relationship of empathy with a soldier, to find the good stuff and empower them – to bring about a situation in which he wants to contribute and benefit Israel.

The approach produces fruit, and the last two figures you can see that 96% of new recruits to undergo boot first formation finish successfully, and%-only falling out eventually. “Magal is the gateway value is the army of 70% of amtgiisim”, stressed
Colonel, if we manage to give him the values, the ability to adapt and to be a good soldier – contributed significant contribution to the strength of the IDF and the State of Israel. “

Next to the command change, either way the commanders inlay. In the past the girls sorted on century as prospective, and the boys are either 2013 by sorting the day before. “It comes from an understanding of the importance of the formation commander
A change. The observation is that the captain should be chosen, is not “default”, said Colonel.

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Also the jeep will be imaginative and night activity in the field.
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The commanders of sickle, from classroom to Chief Commander of the detachment, always accompanied by a compass.
“It consists of ten rules that mgdiram the values you need to lead. It helps
Their command navigation It’s like going to navigate and not knowing your way – pick up the compass and he will lead you, “Colonel,” commanders are looking at it and they know how to control a wave would like to see them in the Act, it can reach hundreds of thousands of controls at any point.

The array get all troops, and entails aplenty. The academic reserve to complex population with socioeconomic problems. At every opportunity, the formation commanders need to adjust themselves to the person standing in front of them, to know how to go, how to connect the values he brings. Each cycle before recruitment, formation commanders concerned to undergo training to learn about the population that need them. “It is important to know where they came from, what the environment grows, who the family upbringing – and why it is being
The way he behaves, “explains Colonel financing,” once you understand that, you don’t create a conflict but understand him and contain him. “

In addition, in August will pick the most talented defense cadets March formation to non-designated professions (such as medics and connections). For four years, no boot camp takes place at the base of a wave, but at the root of the pest. Now they return “home”. Transfer
They lead to a leap in array, the Colonel.

Last week, the chiefs took the array. “We have tens of thousands of devices, soldiers and commanders are working round the clock non-stop,” said Colonel funding they give their all for the soldiers, and we wanted to give them one day meeting and relaxing. “

Translated from Hebrew