The route of air crews will be truncated

מסדר כנפיים. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

As of completion of the course in January 2015 finishers will be in seven years, as opposed to nine years set them previously invoiced || This is part of a broad change in the course selection: “it is important for us to devote maximum attention to identifying and classifying Soloman”

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מחבר: נעמי צורף, חיל האוויר

חיל האוויר
קורס טיס

The course graduates will be charged for seven years held only from the end of the course in January 2015, as part of the changes. Under the change, course graduates sign seven years, compared to nine years which invoiced.

The aircraft will remain in its present form and will continue to include undergraduate studies at Ben-Gurion University, but not teams out to graduate during the seven years of the first. “Once you enter the change into effect, the first seven years dedicated to flight and professionalising the training and staff duties,” explained head Warriors of the air force staff, Lt.-Col. noam. “After seven years and depending on the capabilities that have been found and the system needs, air crews who wish to continue military service sign, service plan can go for graduate studies in various fields.

During 2015: telephone inquiries hotline opens for the course mtmiinim

Just today (Tuesday) arrived at recruitment offices of the class 175 ‘s pilot,
After strenuous sorts them began several months ago. The recruits have passed examinations
By airmen, after reform in examinations that moved the responsibility for screening.

This change a few things. “The very fact that a prospective one to turn to when it comes to the emergency procedure for aircraft makes them relaxing and creates order, told
Head of air crew in finding and inventing blac staffing, major Rachel Weinberg.

Moreover, during the year 2015 is expected to open telephone inquiries hotline that exists today for the other arrays are designed for service in the Corps, both for the class mtmiinim.
“This saves the remote communication, which emphasizes major Weinberg. “Most of the manual mtmiinim receive summonses after emergency work out, and some receive telephone manner while they rest in order to prevent waste of resources”.

The change began as early as 2013, when last November opened an extension of the Jerusalem section pilot extra change. “We saw that we work efficiently and fast,” said Maj. Weinberg. “We come to treat about 50 applicants a day. Pilot training is considered one of the finest courses in the Israel Defense Forces and the air force in particular, so important for us to devote maximum attention to identifying and classifying Soloman.

Changes in women’s miveni

The procedure also build a course, which is inherently different from the the white otamo. As of last July became the women’s Conference for the intended to raise the mandatory pilot training. During the Conference the men along with women air crew positions represent the flight course and allow girls to ask any question. By
Remove the fog surrounds him, “explains major Weinberg.

The route of air crews will be truncated

Required to prove serious. Photo Archive: the IDF spokesperson

However, those who want to continue the screening process must show it. “The girls required
To come to the Conference to demonstrate seriousness and required to fill out a questionnaire on motivation itself. Who colacht him summoned to a preliminary screening, “specified major Weinberg. “It is important to stress that whoever is interested not in reach.

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