The sailors met to talk about everything.

הרעיות במפגש, שבוע שעבר. צילום: עומר סלע, דובר צה”ל

What do you do when husband is at work, away from the shore, unable to communicate with him? The wife of a Navy commander, Rothberg: Army total, frame the whole family.
A recruit her husband. “

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מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

חיל הים
מפקד חיל הים

Years ago, before the battle, the warriors that they must say goodbye to long and wait for the rest of the day, their return is unknown.
Since the days have changed, and today technology allows almost permanent contact and instant. Distances are given in modern transportation, but even today like many officers busy time in operational tasks for long periods of time, preventing them from contact with the family.
Officers and men who go to sea could be cut off for days and sometimes weeks without any contact with the Mainland. How are the women and children of the periods
The long, until their return to Friday breakfast table?
One of the oldest women in the families of fighters who know the many challenges experienced in years, this difficulty is the wife of a Navy commander major general RAM Rothberg. Michal Rothberg, decided to establish a project that they wives and warriors applies controls to help each other through difficulties
Them. When Schramm (h) he got the part, I thought how can I contribute with the experience I had on a personal level over the years. I thought it would be wrong to regard the family’s side and the women who support years in the Warrior, “said Michal Rothberg to IDF website.
The meetings between the wives get different Navy bases in order they to get some perspective on their workspace. “There are women who already know the difficulties and experienced the challenge in such a life, when young women just starting to experience”, explained to the IDF website head naval manpower (רמכ”א), Colonel
Michal response, “adding that” the same tensions and those disappointments that men don’t
Come this weekend due to operational activity. Days and nights at sea, disconnect, are hard. This is why it is important to have them listen to the women.

As a senior officer in the force, Colonel answer to empathize with the difficulties and take part in activities.
“Attention and smart advice between women older women younger fighters worth millions”, Colonel answer. “On Friday afternoon, one woman calls me and says she and her husband planned to fly to vacation on Tuesday and has no contact with him. She knows he was operational, and there’s no way back by the deadline, “presented Colonel answer the complex reality. “Strengthening it gets from the other side, followed by text message from the husband saying thanks for guys there for my family, says everything about the Navy. This is a real strength. “

Apart from the difficulty of raising children alone, there is also a difficulty. Head naval personnel also relates to the other side of the coin on the side of the officer or the Warrior which are required to be away from home, and
This is to maintain contact with the wife and kids. “A career in the Israel Defense Forces, she
So demanding, you can’t do that without a strong hinterland as partner enabling you can work in peace, “said Colonel answer. “I couldn’t do my job if I didn’t know who takes care of me at home. As you know you’re going to travel and who looks after your family, “emphasized.
Michal Rothberg, whose husband is in an array already 31 years and he currently heads, trying to move her to women’s ways of coping. However, she realizes that such a life not only has enlisted. “There is a process every step of the way, from a young woman who builds the House and the marriage, and raising small children,” said Michal Rothberg. “The army is total, frame and recruited her family not only has returned.”


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