The season fleet: dozens of new relationship included officers in battalions

קציני הקשר הטריים במהלך הטקס. צילום: דובר צה”ל

At the ceremony, in the presence of the Chief of staff, signed the completed course combat. The cadets reached the finish line after a month of old battle exercise combined

תאריך: 06/10/2013, 10:00    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Dozens of cadets finished yesterday (Wed) the completion of the course, in a ceremony held in the presence of the Chief Editor of course 18 weeks, is designed to train officers of the
Regimental connection (קשר”ג), responsible for ICT systems in the field, and is the acceptance of their hailit after completing OCs at 1.

“Graduates of the course underwent a course of a year and eight months, which is designed to train them to be contact officers fighting troops”, said Commander of the combat course, Maj. Kobi captured. “The uniqueness of the hailit completion of ICT is that we teach them ICT-related technologies on the battlefield. It consists of three areas of study
Main field of radio, the systems (command and control) and the field of TAC management which includes studying military tactics. “

The course held at the signed a month in Jordan Valley. The drill lasted four weeks and included an image that combines all combat troops. “The cadets act out all the technological systems used in this kind of scenario,” explained Maj. in captured.
“The exercise is very hard physically, because it comes in four weeks and saw a week.
Weekly how cadets are getting stronger and forge. Part of the job requirement is to find strength, professionalism and personal resilience, and cadets demonstrated these qualities. Was an excellent exercise.

Graduates of the course have completed just long course, which prepares them for their role as contact officers
In combat units, which requires them to be proficient in every variety of communicators, tactical computers and scrambling. “The course was difficult and challenging, but now they are ready for the job,” said major in captured. “Cadets who came to us from her 1 were very moral stage of their training, and we saw how they have evolved through the process. Last month I was already talking and working with real officers “.

Translated from Hebrew