The separate “

דובר צה”ל

After more than 25 years, separated last night (Sunday) wave sub sea force “. The submarine has joined today to clandestine immigration and Navy Museum, and for the first time will be able to visit aboard the Israeli submarine

תאריך: 06/11/2007, 02:02    
מחבר: דור בלך

A separate Navy’s submarine “mythical wave. The submarine, which began operations in the mid-1970s, based mainly on German submarine.
Over the years, carried out wave “various submarines hundreds long secret activities behind enemy lines. Now, after which a month ago from Germany, staying in one of the submarines in the Navy and Immigration Museum in Haifa, along with dozens of other vessels, including the bridge of the submarine “Dakar” and the immigrant ship “nevertheless”.

The submarine began its service in the IDF in 76, and finished it in 2002. Now open
The submarine open to the public, which can get aboard and admire. The submarine was symbolically so that it follows the immigrant ship “nevertheless”, mentioning that the Israeli Navy from illegal immigration operations

Translated from Hebrew