The separated from RA (Res.) Moshe levy z l

The epistle of Rav-Aluf (Res.) Moshe levy z • Lt. General (Ret.) levy died yesterday at a hospital in Afula “Valley” • the communiqué is expected to read all IDF commanders to soldiers serving under the command

תאריך: 09/01/2008, 15:46    

“IDF commanders and soldiers in the regular and reserves,

Israel Defense forces-but commanders and troops and bend with the death of General
(Res.) Moshe levy, “Moshe and a half”, the IDF’s Chief of staff-great warrior Commander
Whose contribution to Israel and IDF building security is and long-standing.

General (Ret.) Moshe levy enlisted in the army in 1954 and began his career in ה”גולני Division, but much of the service done on paratroopers. Operation kadesh “parachute jump
The only operational history in the sling, theoretical teaching as well as the operations officer of battalion 890. On his path in line with key positions in the IDF, among others, served as Commandant of the parachuting school and small any antiterrorist school, during the six day war, he commanded one of the airborne operations
The most remarkable in the history of the IDF, which culminated on 9 June 1967 as the brass in his operation mossek. During the war of attrition he served as Commander in the Jordan Valley, and later served as head of central command, Chief of operations for the Joint Chiefs, molded armor commander, and the Commander of central command. In 1981-1983 served as head of the General staff and Deputy Chief of staff.

After the Lebanon war he was appointed Chief of staff Moshe Levi during his tenure as Chief of staff of the IDF fought three years in Lebanon, then held in the security zone.

As part of his efforts to build new training IDF to following Kim General (Res.) Moshe levy Corps Headquarters Headquarters field would do well to coordinate army in battle, and to maximize their ability. In addition, the IDF weapons systems Hunter Thompson in a time of drastic budget cuts on the mat. General (Ret.) Moshe levy in vision and action marched up to the modern battlefield.

After completing his tenure as Chief-of-staff continued to contribute to the development and advancement of the State of Israel.
He carried the Gospel, and most recently-Chairman “Israel Highway”.

Along each row a role believed Moses and masterpiece of dogma and claimed always himself more shtava than others. Love, patience and maintain interpersonal contact hotline-why leave too and we ordered. Character and legacy of Moses as Commander and as living among us, and keep us death.

The IDF will continue to strive to achieve those targets set, in his quest to maintain a strong army, fit and ready for the challenge.

IDF commanders and his soldiers send but condolences to the family, bow, salute to remember and cherish his work and long-standing contribution to Israel security.

May he rest in peace. “

Translated from Hebrew