The Shawshank Redemption

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The instructors of the military police are not one last chance.
It faced many soldiers imprisoned for the restoration of confidence in the military and new hope loss in IDF service

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מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The bases of military police corps are not natural station in the service of every Israeli soldier kind of like a monopoly game, soldier game lands on a square “go to jail”, even non-disciplined soldier could be tried and sent to prison. But not in the bars and hang on, his military service lasted until rehabilitation and behavioral improvement from the prisoners. The investor, is the intermediary between the prisoner and his chances to be full-fledged soldier, he imprisoned Guide (d).

CPL. Ricky Agassi, one of the company’s guides in jail 4, try to work in conjunction with the detainees and make them better soldiers. Recently concluded year as this gauge one of the most complex, and frankly didn’t expect the job will be difficult. Need to know how to handle all imprisoned and trapped, shtacht your command stand approximately 120 detainees, “explained corporal Agassi to the site.

The imprisoned population is diverse, and the common denominator of all is the lack of adaptation to the military or the inability of the military to contain the soldier or
To deal with. The person with the most significant interaction across the prisoners he studied, which can create friction on arrival. “Med represents before the soldier all the factors not treated and there is trust. Most of the prisoners didn’t know how to handle the discipline and rules, and found between the desire to get out of the army and in lack of trust, “said warden Col. Omar Sobel, 4. “However,
Our goal is to instill discipline and try to return the prisoners to the beneficiary, providing command support during their stay in jail and allow meetings with various parties to help them. “

The instructor held the front person, and he’s the first population sometimes refers him ungrateful. “The prisoner may not necessarily know how to recognize the best, or to understand the importance and benefits of fine today. We try to build trust against the detainees, “said Lieutenant Colonel Sobel. “Answering questions and solving problems, creating a mutual relationship of respect. As more problems are resolved and the prisoner can see him trying to meter — the son of Amon “, said Lieutenant Colonel Sobel. He thus creates a sense of consistency, confidence and trust in the staff.

Alpha company commander in prison 4, Capt. Doron levy, shed light on pretend challenge disciplinary rules for detainees. “It is not easy to prosecute disciplinary rules, but it is a successful challenge to face him,” said major. “We are conducting many briefings, on duties, and if necessary – repeat things,” added captain. 4 prison is no place for hands that beat the increase in. “Don’t give up the soldier, or gives him because he’s not listening or that he was not disciplined. Learn how to make the soldier with the lowest line to soldier, to be the kind of men we will be an example to other soldiers, said Capt. Levi.

The Shawshank Redemption

Human relations – the key to restoring trust in the

The alpha company agenda is precise and there amtochnanim.
The prisoners are divided into different jobs within the prison or elsewhere. Starting from 6:00 in the morning until the evening of the prisoners perform tasks inside the jail, and demonstrated good behaviour and get an opportunity to work outside the prison. “We have a workshop on prison construction in which six of the air force and other works out daily, introduced corporal
Agassi different types of everyday routine.

The challenges and difficulties facing the prisoners are the smallest interactions, the commands
The most simple tasks small and friction occur mostly in parallel with the process of absorbing new prisoners, carried out on a daily basis. “I remember that soldier who didn’t want to get into the company. He shouted, swore at us, and was willing to listen, “said
CPL. pear and added that it was “soldier who was sentenced to three months in jail because of desertions, offence and knew I had to talk to him. I took him, and told him everything.

Human relations and mutual respect are key to restoring the confidence of the army, imprisoned in mtgelm in the process of building trust between the cage studied. “spoke to him quietly, at eye level and clear language. I told him he should at least try to adapt. In the end I convinced him, and within a month he became one of the best in the company, “explained corporal Agassi.
According to him, with a small exposure of professional secret – the soldiers upon arrival to prison rioters will be the ones to pass the most significant process and become soldiers.
They help you to put in place their friends too, respected and even protect you.
To the soldiers, said cpl. Agassi.

Meeting with the prisoners becomes deeper as time goes on, so the treatment which would be best of all exams. “I know why they went to jail, interested in orders which
ת”ש there are problems with them, and what they want to see קב”ן I’m trying to get to the root of any problem of all imprisoned, “said cpl. Agassi. By his side are facing other factors in prison – pathogens
Terms of service, mental health, command and staff גחל”ת value (return service factors).

Directory prisoners required to create intricate and delicate system of interpersonal relationships, based on knowledge and examining the behavior of the prisoners within the walls of a prison. So, can the rehabilitation and caring toward the prisoners. “With time and experience to learn to recognize. The company and conduct their operation is going, you get to know them. I know who’s going to help me when I ask who tries to Dodge, who performs the duties and who need to do more, “said cpl. Agassi.

Try to give them hope.

In the context of the challenges and difficulties facing the learn, find prisoners appreciate too. V., 21 from Eilat, to prison after a period of desertion of four months, during which he tried to cover up large financial obligations. “I came from the reality of theft and arrests of street. I was a soldier in trouble-not getting up in the morning and kidnaps detention because of my refusal, “command-v. Discipline problems, onions insisted.
To be a warrior. Noah’s granite battalion served eight months, and switch between different roles came to jail 4 due to the desertions offence. “The report was sent to prison for 3 days, company b for ten days and then Alpha company”, said v.

The transition from the platoon of soldiers who committed the most serious crimes for which soldiers who committed misdemeanors, indicates significant progress of the prisoner. “I’m not used to taking orders and sound authority, but I listened and I undertake, everything in time,” said v. “At first I was swearing and had disagreements, but that’s because of a problem with. All my friends come from the same background. Now, my behavior and see that I’m listening. Download before the “hat, said v. proudly. He isn’t ashamed to give good word guide held that accompanies him, cpl. Ricky Agassi. “He’s doing the best gauge for us and helps the most. He’s always full of anxiety and concern to us “, said v.

Flattered that indicates to the guides that they succeed. Among the major challenges of instilling discipline and high turnover of prisoners, who identifies the hard work and their adopted among the prisoners. “In General, the role of the prison he returned to military discipline,” said cpl. Agassi. “We’re trying to let prisoners, hope to convince them that you can help them and make it really to me – it is important that they do,” explained Army Cpl. Agassi the worldview and the guiding him. “We’re the last one they see, and we get the hardest population. they think we’re evil. They don’t understand that if you need any help, “– noted cpl. Agassi and added that” If the orders and assignments are made by consensus and mutual respect – they all come out of everybody wins.
I won’t repeat my stuff against imprisoned to ‘ do ‘, but rather to ensure that they are listening and the tasks assigned to them “.

Eventually, cpl. Agassi likes his job and understand the great importance of this daily work. “I feel like I’m living and I can’t stop spending. In the army, in general – I think military service look exactly how the Commander
Your format it, “explained corporal Agassi the importance of mutual respect between the Chief under his command, like the one between the MED lock. “My destruction and as my mom and dad, and my investment is backed accordingly. The essence of this relationship is also against the prisoners, “said cpl. Agassi.

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