The slow moving infantry forces practiced a scenario of all-out war.

חלק מהכוחות במהלך התרגיל, החודש. צילום: אט”ל

The transport centre of technological and Logistics Directorate recently completed
Exercise “the highlight” rehearsed in hundreds of vehicle propulsion and mobility of
Various forces arrangements possible scenarios.

תאריך: 26/07/2012, 20:31    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

Following the lessons of the second Lebanon war and operation cast lead, lead in the technological and Logistics Directorate conducts annually exercises aimed at keeping the reserve personnel of emergency service. During these exercises the custom shipping people across the country, reach the southern bases and outposts in Northern, and cooperate with the troops fighting in the lead and replenishment. The current exercise, which took place this month, put his people in a war scenario has opened a number of fronts against Israel.

The open recruitment exercise of massive reserves and absorption in lead of bind. But already at the initial stage occurs when the threat dilemma – the rear only, the choice to leave families and reach volunteering raises doubts among the reserves. “When the people come to the Centre, but eligibility and refreshed, we emphasize the importance of participation in strength,” said Chief Transportation Centre
Colonel Joanie. “We show them how vital their role during war, and thus encourage them to volunteer during the most difficult,” he describes.

Then the lead brigades began to migrate, as unexpected shbshlvim announced a change in mission. To this end, they engage in exercises or operational activities in which transport capacity is required of the bind. For example, the practice in which regiments were required to complete mobile Infantry Division ring to ring as they lead armored vehicles, logistic equipment and more. This they did in collaboration with “designed” era held in parallel with the ogdati. During the exercise, visiting head of the technological and Logistics Directorate, Gen. Kobi Barak indicated that seemed impressed. “I believe we have to work out the way we expect to fight. To do so should lead in line to perform exercises that emulate real mode. Bind the lead he designed the Center, said the champion.

Other scenarios possible injury seemed rehearsed on the lead, and
Himself. The most common scenario is a missile fell on the neck, which may be difficult to transport troops across roads in the country. To this end, together with the HFC have simulations of rocket hits Sderot and highways, transportation officials were forced to venture respond accordingly and to plan alternative routes. Furthermore, during the temporary parking lots and exercise in southern Israel, making refilling supplies and refresh the drivers. Every parking lot were dozens of trucks, towing and transportation center.

Translated from Hebrew