The Southern Conference gathering for tailoring to a member.

לוחמות איסוף קרבי. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Future combat exposed to gsertit and numbered ATEN asteroids are required skills in combat intelligence collection battalion. The regimental officer: “we manage to absorb each and make it fighting.”

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

איסוף קרבי
שירות נשים

To be a fighter combat means collection of Assembly challenges. Beyond the fact that this is a combat role, is watching warriors to professionalism, skill and high concentration. Combat role may trigger many concerns among warring service oriented collection, and the IDF works to find a way to ease the tension. In order to prepare the future combat the service, held in the collection of Conference “with” (for security service) told them and their parents about the role.

The day began with a display of weapons and open dialogue with veteran fighters from platoon.
After the display, the prospective lectures which had heard about the company collecting the only combat that warriors. “We told them about the unique role and directed them to start worrying about themselves in terms of physical fitness,” an IDF officer site battalion, Maj. Majed Abdul, who accompanied the company since its inception. “We manage to absorb each and help to make the transition from civilian to Warrior!”, he added.

He said the Conference resolved many questions which did not allow prospective. “We see this paramount Conference and tried to connect the prospective do sector and of troop, said Maj. Abdul added that” they will come with a deep understanding that there is a mission with high importance and protection are less likely this space “.

The regiment performs routine operational activities within South facing borders with Jordan and Egypt. In addition, warriors collection that will combat training Regiment of Rifleman 03, like every other fighter in combat intelligence collection Corps. The conduct of combat training maternity company which incorporated male warriors.

Meanwhile, insist in keeping the gender segregation because of physiological differences, and the fact that the company also serve women. The training consists of basic training, followed by advanced training exists which in combat expertise and volume activation. Then they arrive for three weeks of training before combat submarines into the part overlooking the border with Jordan and the desert along the southern border.

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