The specified status a decade in Gaza

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Knights of the steel company, which is responsible for engineering jobs in South Gaza Brigade, a special occasion. Recently picked new D-9 bulldozers

תאריך: 22/08/2013, 11:00    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

הנדסה קרבית
חטיבה דרומית

For ten years the Knights of steel company p (mechanical engineering team)
Of the Southern Division, operating in the sector. The company this week in a ceremony led by Brigade Commander, Colonel Amos Hacohen, decade anniversary.
The company was established in August 2003, following the increased terrorism from the Gaza Strip and the expansion of the tunnels, which made the southern command and commanders Gaza Division to understand that צמ”ה becomes available strength for events requiring operational activity.

“At first it was a team that captured all the topic in order to locate and destroy,” explained in discussion to IDF website company commander Capt. slevic krtfeld today. They were experts in the tunnels, it was sooner and to all IDF are consulting on handling tunnel.

Armoured personnel carrier disaster moved the team to סמו”ר party (slicks and tunnels) and company left the Gaza Division units, three years ago the company established the Northern units and military Knights of steel to South Division only. “Our land is down and
The task load and work, enabling us to achieve incredible reach the smallest levels, “said Captain krtfeld.

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In the last ten years took the steel
A central role in holding the sector and are leaders in finding ways, in finding and destroying tunnels throughout the sector, and operational events like IEDs on the fence they should identify the property or anti-tank Brigade sector. “We are the only force that set certain jobs,” explained Captain krtfeld. “The threat is one of the most complex threats there.

As time passed many Posse changes she made a development rivers to צמ”ה company, new tools, and more. “Two months ago we got a new d-9 bulldozers, in addition to many tools that we recorded in recent years”, said Captain krtfeld.

Specifies the event attended all company commanders since its inception, bereaved families and soldiers who served in the company. “Tonight was a display of instrument
צמ”ה, recognitions to commanders and soldiers and screening of videos and pictures from the day of establishment of the company until today,” Captain krtfeld.



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