The sport gave them wings.

And Moses, gave up a career in hockey, tennis and sailing for the course
The aircraft. The three of them decided to fulfill a dream – until their desired result wings won this week.

תאריך: 29/06/2012, 14:03    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The transition from the hockey, tennis and sailing to khaki uniforms was not easy, and Deputy Lieutenant Lieutenant Moses. Three of them used from an early age until graduation to spend the afternoon on the sports fields, and training over my country. But not for nothing.
The three chose to undergo sports world-world yesterday finished three pilot school offers school 164, and were worn for the first time the wings ‘ PIN.

“At the age of six left with his family to Toronto for Israel mission, in the first week, as all my Canadian boy, sent me to the ice with skis and started to play,” said the Deputy. “From the beginning I really enjoyed and there I developed my love for the sport.”
Young said that pilot played every selected line and levels, participated in competitions and was appointed captain of the team which won the second place in the Championship. “At the age of 14 moved with his family to Australia, where training is a three hour drive, but haven’t given up. The highlight of his career was when Israel team invited me to Romania World Championship, where he reached second place. I felt a big win, when I heard the heart but hope and felt really scores.

At the age of 18 between the Deputy wave time to decide how to pick, and deciding whether to start studying in Canada or Australia, or listen to the track of Zionism has to go
Abroad in order to enlist. “I decided that I wanted to be here, and I want my future family like my family. And of course the chhalk realized that to be a true Israeli I have to serve in the army. The pilot made aliyah alone due to his sister, who had done several years earlier, and his parents arrive about 4 months later, serve as a lone soldier. “Hockey was still a part of my soul and I still follow what’s happening in the world, even on my wall in my picture hanging base team”, said Lt. surge, adding that “I see significant military service as a sport. If you have the skills and motivation you need to level and get as high. As you don’t start playing hockey and stop it in the middle.
That request, too, as today, the result revealed visible “.

“This day feel like a success. The sense of self-realization, I also feel a sense of mission and significant, “said the pilot. “I
Feel like coming to a place very conducive to the State, and is just the beginning. I started the service as a pilot in the air force contribution to date invested me, and today it is part of the real need to bring results.

Compared to his Deputy spring, knew, even while playing tennis from an early age,
The co-pilot, dream come true. Indeed, the boy who dreamed of the future came to compose wearing flight wings, after 6 years of service. “I haven’t gotten a class 12 aircraft formation, a problem that lishotit. So I got day cruisers and to -669, where he served three years myself, I knew it was time to fulfill that dream, “said Deputy spring. “It was a combination of the dream and the desire to achieve something bigger and significantly,
Even as an officer. Responses actually share 70 percent asked if I went crazy, and the remaining 30 percent who really knew me and knew that love for flying started another in flight, the Department realized that ultimately it would be the next step.

Therefore, despite the intense activity in the game of tennis in high school, no domain
There was no time for discretion determined pilot. “Today I play on weekends as a hobby, but I knew that my destiny and therefore understood already that there is no conflict. Deputy spring, said he has no doubt the decision imposing the service, and that the work which has just begun and is interested in achieving many goals. “The day is very exciting. The end of the year was the thrill track then, four and a half years, and today is rise above it because of the deep desire for the job “, and said that the relationship between him and his friends.
The team at search and rescue unit remained tight and he knows that they will maintain their contacts and receives dozens of new friends from the aircraft.

Unlike the other pilots entering the airspace was a little different for Greece, as a Deputy used aged 6 to 18, to cruise the waters. “I’ve been working on sailing boats and they modelled the Olympic 470. It’s a sport that got the amount of time in childhood and youth and was very significant for me, “said Lt. Moshe, explaining that” I stopped in early 12th grade because I saw it going towards career and knew I wanted to go somewhere else and not with outstanding athlete drafted as the rest of my teammates. “

“I don’t have any regrets and I’m very proud of the decision I made. I’m a regular at times, but I know how much the army is central to society and so I’m very happy where I am today. ” The young pilot said two weeks ago were “committees
Marathon, the last course committees which determine who finishes it, and then came the feeling of liberation. Apart from 460 (military parade-militants) at 6 a.m. with Sgt.-major flight school, the days of escort aircraft in total and at parties with friends to different stages. “Through a very long and difficult to remember the beginning, and it’s hard for me to digest,” noted Lieutenant Moses, saying that “the future is a continuation of what
We moved and we look forward already. We pause, we rested a bit, and now continue full force. “

Translated from Hebrew