The squadron officers: strong and clear stance taken against the discovery of violence against women

תא”ל גילה כליפי-אמיר

On the occasion of the international day against violence against women, women’s Affairs Advisor, Brig. Gen. detected-River Liffey, that duty of commanders is to increase awareness of the phenomenon and find adversity among women. “

תאריך: 25/11/2011, 13:30    
מחבר: תא”ל גילה כליפי-אמיר

Today (Friday) on the international day to combat violence against women, according to the United Nations and of the sees the phenomenon of violence against women: a violation of human rights, an obstacle to personal liberty and commemoration of invisible forces unequal between women and men.

Violence against women is a social scourge hard. This is a universal phenomenon that characterizes
All sectors of the public and expressed in a variety of ways: physical violence, sexual, economic, emotional and sexual harassment.

2011 opened at 12,387 cases for police complaints on violence. In 2011, 14 women were killed by their husbands.

Most women victims do not receive help and responding to needs, because they are afraid to report or complain, blame themselves, ashamed and scared of what’s going on has therefore often pass many years until they ozarot the courage to expose and reveal the abuse and gain his assistance they deserve.

The IDF is an army that human dignity is one of the core values guiding its activities.
The IDF and its soldiers are obligated to protect human dignity, value out of sight, that every person is not dependent on nationality, origin, religion, gender, status and role.

Uniqueness of the IDF is that the service is compulsory service is not running
The individual, but is the power of law. Therefore, we are committed to the ethical and moral, commanders, to ensure adherence to creating redundant a safe environment and respect to servants and education of values
Pkodino, future citizens. This means to take a stand, and a clear and decisive action against all violence, discovery made in recent years to hardest social scourge

Through this letter I’m asking you to step on you, commanders and command post, the awareness of the phenomenon and its incidence. In addition, please follow the application challenges before us.
Using your information and education, maintaining a heavy climate, early detection of adversity identified among women or men and directing the handle accordingly.

Remember, the moral level of the IDF is not only affects the IDF that if society as a whole – and that we have a moral obligation.

Translated from Hebrew