The squadron: the cases of violation of privacy and sexual harassment will be treated very seriously. “

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The international day for combating violence against women, the IDF continues to deal with the issue of sexual harassment || Recently three indictments filed against soldiers suspected of photographing women while hatklacho

תאריך: 26/11/2014, 09:20    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל


In women’s Affairs Advisor there is extensive activity in women nude photography effect full or partial without their knowledge, as well as distributing the photos.
Earlier this month, has been distributed to soldiers from the squadron in bond issue of privacy and the relationship between photography and the sexual abuse. This present complaints and the old phenomenon. “we must act to eradicate the phenomenon and ways of education outreach
Enforcement and deterrence and punishment where applicable “, written in a letter. “Cases of invasion of privacy and sexual harassment will be treated very seriously.”

Recently submitted to the court-martial charges against three soldiers, who suspected
That shot two women while single showers hatklacho using a mobile device.
In addition, they were charged for video distribution, inter alia through “oatssap” groups.

The soldiers were charged with offences of violation of privacy and sexual harassment. That’s because fixing
The law for the prevention of sexual harassment, which entered into force only in January, according to final publication without the consent of a photograph, film or sound recording of a man focused on sexuality, have sexual harassment offense elements.

Dealing Center and support (o)
The squadron headquarters, found carers throughout the year with victims of sexual assault and domestic violence or partner. Today social networks can become a tool used for evil, “explained Oh headquarters Squadron headquarters, major tobacco stains. “There is increasing awareness among troops and commanders about the devastating consequences of these actions on the victims.

These destructive consequences, so what is discovered, very similar to the effects of the sexual assault. “Invasive and intrusive experience that produces the same feelings of helplessness, shame and exposure that produces physical attack,” added major. “Intrusive experiences don’t have to be physical, but can also result from exposure in a situation where you have not selected. The consequences only increase experience due to uncertainty where the pictures or videos will roll. “

Holding together.

In what continues to handle all types of requests, and to provide the therapy hurt in all areas relating to injury. Alongside the process of personal and pass through group therapy if you wish, substitute that will be processed in what you can get and also aid in the complaint process and the testimony and participate in workshops.

The Center is looking for more ways to expand the existing solutions and directions is expanding support group activities. In January will open for the first time a dedicated team providing assitance according to type of injury. That is, if today held a joint crisis group therapy on different backgrounds, the goal is to build a values that correspond to different groups on the backdrop of some kind. The group “can complete and strengthen individual treatment. It is a tool that helps you to feel hurt is not the only one.
Going through what she went through. It gives legitimacy to talk about it, not only in the rooms, explained that Headquarters.

“Violence and sexual violence in particular are common phenomena in our society,” major argued. “Despite growing awareness, yet there are denial and repression, and to conduct dialogue on these issues It affects victims and wish to appeal for assistance, “said. Therefore, to score against violence against women have great significance. “It is important to talk about it and specify the day. Follow the educational level and to hold opinions, to raise awareness that these symptoms not only not gone, but live in us. It exists in all sectors and in all segments of the population, “emphasized.

Translated from Hebrew