The squadron to ttzpithnit: “you perform an important role he”

Brigadier General Rachel TEVET-Wiesel visited Eagle battalion of combat intelligence collection Corps and stood close to the female contribution to operational activities. Maids in 60% – women.

תאריך: 08/05/2012, 11:00    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Women’s Affairs Advisor (יוהל”ן), Brigadier General Rachel TEVET Wiesel visited last week the Eagle battalion of combat intelligence collection Corps operation tasks of gathering and observation under the southern command. The visit of General TEVET Wiesel focused on feminine contribution to the operational activities of the service and in the critical role of ttzpithnit, who recently did improved drastically following the instruction of the Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh.

According to data presented to the squadron during the visit, “Eagle Regiment boasts a most impressive female: girls constitute 60% of the amount. Moreover, the percentage of women in senior staff is 33%, which indicates that one out of three girls going to command course.

In conversation with ttzpithnit and their platoon commander, Lieutenant bud Jacoby, the squadron with the importance of their operational activities in the sector, the nature of the job and did. “This is the only situation in which overlooks both the borders with the Gaza Strip border
And the border with Egypt. The ttzpithnit are the eyes of the State, “noted Lieutenant Jacoby.
Later regarded Lieutenant Jacoby ttzpithnit conditions improvement in terms of the length of shifts and hours. “Each shift lasts four hours, specifically for this situation can take half an hour, when one of the two ttzpithnit that are constantly alert serves as a reserve when needed,” explained Lieutenant Jacoby. “The minimum ratio between hours of retention alone is four hours and eight hours. In some cases it can reach four hours and twenty-four hours, some of them designated as standby hours, “added Lieutenant Jacoby.

The battalion, Lt. Col. avi jeans, explained that this ruling letting ttzpithnit are resting and time to set up. “It allows them to extend the time. In terms of their definition, even a fourth time. .. for freedom in terms of productivity “, said Lieutenant Colonel father.

The changes have allowed the bonus conditions are apparent even in regular and backup industry, been the soldiers and soldiering to various positions. “In light of Deputy Chief guidelines we intensified efforts six months”, said the head of the IDF site backup, Lieutenant Colonel Yossi Malka. “The assignment of ttzpithnit girth allows for shift work, and we are improvement in living conditions in terms of food and accommodation conditions”, said Lieutenant Colonel.

Later age of Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel with ttzpithnit, with the procedure which is characterized by high operational role. “We work regularly in front of Geddes and Bedouin weekly debate with the regimental intelligence officer, company commanders, battalion XO and Meg, which transmit information from a medical collection to the officials on the ground,” explained Lieutenant Jacoby. Personal conversation with Brigadier General ttzpithnit, Elina incentive revealed
Because they want a challenging role. “It’s true role, which is never boring.
The area Scouts always changes and always learn something new, and the Regal class values
Of discipline and bad news, “said one. “That sounds intimidating to sit hours in front of the screen, but you have to really get into the role,” she added.

In sharp contrast to conventional military environment, characterized by a high presence of men, the Mag can explain why it is important that women perform this important role. “There is something else in the build, and created a curiosity motivates work. The ttzpithnit has a built in content, they have this talent of the details, “said Lieutenant Colonel father.

The squadron to ttzpithnit: “you perform an important role he”

“There’s a lot of evaluation in lpichn”

Later Brigadier General reconnaissance battalion bonus Wiesel “Eagle” Squadron, received the opportunity to see the ratio of importance in his command of the Regiment, with particular emphasis on the work of ttzpithnit.

The Commander of the Gaza Division’s Brigade, Col. Tal hermoni, expressed his appreciation to the collecting and ttzpithnit. “We appreciate the effort and operational needs, and they know it. Are crisp and sharp, commitment “, said Col. 89. In addition, too.
A Bedouin patrol battalion, Lieutenant Colonel al-huzayel, and oaachid and spared no words. “We have a close relationship and an amazing ratio, expressed in the discussions. Unequivocally, I can say that I trust them. They do an amazing job, and right after that credit
Many events, including freight discounts on events, “said Lieutenant Colonel al-huzayel and.

Towards the end of the tour, the squadron met with battalion headquarters, where they explained the Squadron and body expressed appreciation towards their contribution. “You’re doing a significant and important role. However, I’ve seen girls toward recruiting not ready to be ttzpithnit because they think the service is too hard, “said Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel. Nevertheless, she clarified that otherwise entirely yuán into rebuilding most of operations and indicated that stereotypical broad evaluation among the high command. “The Vice Chief of the army and flattering to ttzpithnit themselves, and therefore an enormous esteem in all the girls I spoke with them from the mission and values,” told the squadron.

At the conclusion of the tour, Brig. Gen. TEVET Wiesel to gap between the role and the image that stuck to him. “There is a significant gap between the two things and we have to find a way to bridge it. Seemingly simple task, because an important role, and donor “, the squadron claimed. Additionally, impressed by Weisel incentive general success of the shared service battalion. “The idea of doing the fray here, and the fact that the brain and the need for women in Mag – placed him as a regiment. I’d love to see what happens here as an officer in the IDF, we transmit power and market the role and direct result of
Membership brings a friend, summed the squadron.

Translated from Hebrew