The squadrons returned to practice.

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Two months have passed since grounding array ה”סופה” (F-16I) following the abandonment of the team two men last July, and now they come back. First training were Ramon: it’s like an athlete that needs to get back into shape. “

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After two months of grounding, ה”סופות” returned to the air: first training held in ה”סופה squadrons (F-16I) at Ramon airbase since the abandonment of the team two above sea level last July.
“Back to flying is a complex process, as an athlete needs to get back into shape,” said major, “Deputy Commander” in the base. “Therefore we refresh and updated tutorials
Our training program to return to operational qualification, “he added.

The practice was opened in cultivation practice, it teams air-to-air battles. Then they describe are composed using smart munitions and aerial refueling exercises.
“The return to flight is done in stages,” explained Maj. Roy, Deputy Commander of “bat” Squadron at the base. “Flight skill training practice refreshes and the tackling tasks load. It is important to get up to speed gradually all the teams, regular and reserve, too, “said.

Air is felt not only in the return to normal: technical ה”סופה squadrons specially” rush to prepare the planes for flights in a short time and very professionally, after two months of hiatus. “On the first day of flights see lightning in the eyes of the technicians,” restore major Lior, technical officer, Squadron. “The soldiers wanted to come back and fulfill their destiny and do it with satisfaction and pride.

A month.
Turn the engine last July of a “Storm” while in the air, and the crew abandoned in accordance with procedures and were rescued safely. Following the accident, ordered air force commander on the ground ה”סופה value and investigate the accident. Apparently, an aircraft engine
That led to the plane’s engines shut down.

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