The stab at bombing deciphered Apple last January.

In Nablus, a Palestinian student whose research was stopped by after the event and admitted during questioning in carrying out the attack, which wounded Israeli medium

תאריך: 09/04/2013, 18:09    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Shin Bet and Israel Police solve the stabbing attack that took place on 23 January 2013 at the Tapuah junction settlement, where Israeli citizen was injured. The same day arrested a fact which admitted carrying out the attack and reconstructed
The perpetrator is Mustafa Adel Mustafa Barghouti, a resident of Beit Rima (Benjamin), 23, a student in elnajah University “in Nablus, who was arrested after a short chase by police who were standing near the scene of the attack and identified.
During questioning, the General Security Service, Barghouti performed and additional activities, including terrorist activities, the IDF forces people several years ago.
The stabbing attack, he noted that acted on his own without partners, when the initial purpose was to kill a soldier. He added that the decision to carry out the attack received that morning, and after he put his College curriculum in taxi to Tapuach junction. He traveled for about half an hour later, as the bombing target, and not found a suitable candidate, decided to stab one of the civilians, who were standing at a hitchhiking station at the intersection.
It should be noted that Barghouti has not expressed remorse for his actions, and noted that there is no problem for him if the man dies from his wounds.
On 3/7/13
The indictment against Barghouti ostafa, given him offence trial concerns causing
Death on purpose, and offense of attempting to carry weapons, and powerful.

Sultan Suleiman Street stabbing in East Jerusalem

On 4 February 2013 was made Sultan Suleiman Street stabbing in East Jerusalem, during which an Israeli civilian was wounded. The knife hit the Siddur
In his pocket, and thus avoided serious injury. Jerusalem District Police arrested instead of the stabbing attack, Samer Ahmad Mahmoud m, 28 year-old resident of idhna, in South Mount Hebron and transferred him for interrogation in inhabit.
During interrogation in the GSS admitted stabbing in progress, adding that three months ago he began planning to kill Orthodox or Jewish settler.
Days before the attack infiltrated Jerusalem from staying illegally and stayed in the area east of the city to carry out the attack. In addition, he admitted pointing in other attacks, including the possibility that weight a few months ago, to let him make his own charge, a bus transporting ultra-Orthodox Beit Shemesh.
It should be noted that m, a Hamas activist, who was arrested.
In the years 2009-2011 administrative detention, against the backdrop of activities within Hamas and planning to carry out military operations, now in his investigation, because beyond the planning and carrying out the stabbing, continued its activities within the organization.
Against the summer served the indictment makes him 2 offences of causing death on purpose, membership in an unlawful association and execution service for an unlawful association, contact with enemy weapons.

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