The story of the lost Egyptian purse

טקס הענקת פרסים לפני מלחמת ששת הימים. מימין, משה כפיף

During the Yom Kippur war he commanded רס”ב (Res.) Moshe as Fife of the ambush.
The Egyptian forces and took captive warriors. Years later, as a Fife with one
The Egyptians it where

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Tears of excitement in his eyes yet of רס”ב (Res.) Moshe as SPIFF, as recalled in the Yom Kippur war – 40 years after the war.

רס”ב (RES) in Fife, which was in those days the company sergeant major, met twice with total Awwad, the Egyptian commando officer. The first was a fierce battle between Chinese forces, while the second took place eight years later in Tahrir, Egypt. What connected between meetings and made this connection wallet of Awad, saved in רס”ב (RES) on the first meeting of the two, during the war, and in their Union.

The story begins when the רס”ב company (Ret) Fife gets out into command to protect the gsertam areas, fearing to attack Egyptian troops. Enemy forces who discovered sector Egyptian Commando Brigade. “When they arrived and they immediately threw grenades at them.
Shouted they surrender, “recalled רס”ב (RES) as Fife, “went to the mountain on which we were and we’ve compiled them all. Paramedics treated the wounded and our because I speak Arabic translator. They feared and trembled, then we reassured them that they are safe and not hurt them because they surrendered.

The company commander of Egyptian commandos, Awad, asked me to maintain dignity and interrogates against soldiers, major (Ret) Fife and to have hathakor done on the side.
“He really took care of what happens to them and I told him that they were alive and taken captive.”
He explained, “before the truck comes to pick them up, he took his wallet from his pocket and told me
Keep it, maybe one day we will meet. The purse was a picture of his sister and his parents. At the same time I didn’t think about it too much and I really thought maybe another meet.

Thus, during wartime, רס”ב (RES) sharank of Fife as the enemy army officer found in his pocket. “I haven’t seen him. They were also soldiers and fought, and after they’ve given up and were exhausted after walking distance on foot, in these situations, you’re not looking at them as enemies. ” When the war ended he put רס”ב (Ret.), Fife
The wallet in his drawer, and each time I would open the drawer was reminded of that officer.
Thus if they meet he will return it to him.

The peace with Egypt as shshiachot begun, רס”ב (RES) as a very happy thank you. He traveled with
His sharank him to Egypt as an effort to seek the Egyptian officer. With the owner of the hotel where he was staying locate the officer, and after an hour they have been met. “It was a very moving meeting,” he recalled, “he told what happened to them after they’re on
The truck and they captured something, and then returned to Cairo on a prisoner exchange.
We agreed that we might meet again.

Son of רס”ב (RES) as Fife, Colonel (Ret.) spring as Fife, followed him to the Negev Brigade and came to the Division סמח”ט role. “It was so much easier to control in the same unit,” he said.

Translated from Hebrew