The submarine ins Dolphin back into the water.

The Navy completed the renovation of the submarine, held every 15 years on average and lasted almost two years. Parts of the boat were dismantled and put together again, in a
Performed by the Corps

תאריך: 18/07/2012, 14:58    
מחבר: מתן גלין, אתר צה”ל

The Navy completed the renovation of an old submarine ins dolphin, who returned to full operational service.

Submarine life 30 years average length and therefore half life renovation conducted every 15 years.
The complex renovation is essential for continued operations of the submarine, which is on the job. The 22-month renovation, stripped the submarine apart, each part receives treatment. “We’re lowering the ability of submarines to the skeleton, working them, cleaning and painting,” said IDF website maintenance team Commander submarines, Lieutenant Colonel p..

Submarine flotilla Commander, Col. j. noted that “the number of countries who possess the knowledge and skills required to perform renovation of half life is limited and few navies carried out this work. The goal is to dismantle the submarine and two years later to assemble everything back to sea and sail.

Ins dolphin, who finished the renovation already surrounds in January, dropped to comprehensive examinations, and in the end got the final approval of the Navy commander, Gen. RAM Rothberg, an exit to the sea and back to full fitness.

Translated from Hebrew