The system of collecting only granted combat in Judea

The system, embedded in the command center, is considered a future combat intelligence collection array at all. It allows connection of any means of observation and the collection section

תאריך: 12/06/2012, 12:56    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Combat intelligence collection array of central command POPs a rank: a (powerful sensor system) command first to blend in. The system, which applies to Chinese border deployment due to the weakening of the security situation at the border come in probably two years already in IO plus, currently central command is tested the advanced placement also in the Valley, in order to strengthen the Jordan border collection.

Dr systems, future combat intelligence collection value in the rule allows connection of any means of observation and collecting one sector operated as observation balloons, and thermal cameras, and consolidates them into one image. “Dr. this system is very reliable.
Filter, grasp the revelations given space grow effectively using various sensors and a minority, so it is very suitable for Judea region, “the IDF battalion commander bud site, the collection of central command, Lieutenant Colonel I.

He cut Judah is characterized by a very large space that requires a big investment of
And you can monitor. Implementing the system will narrow the database needed for this sector tracking and Administration has been streamlined discovery work wonders of ttzpithnit. “Some know himself.
To eliminate background noise and continuously tracking, you can jump directly to the problem, “he said,” this is a significant saving in a today show drank alcohol
And effectiveness of discovery. “

As mentioned above, also considered a possibility to strengthen the Jordan border collection, which is manifested in the implementation in the past six months the work was centered head of command, Brig. Gen. David Menachem, and reviewed the status of the various levels, including the field of collecting. “The sand project in Egypt and other boundary changes that occur in the Middle East, we see it necessary to strengthen the borders issue, also about collecting,” explained Lieutenant Colonel put it, “there are currently no real trends in the sector, but we need
To wait. In space there are smuggling drugs to weaponry, and us criminal axis can become פח”עי axis. As part of the trend, deployed a number of Ein Gedi, and radar mast, giving an image farther away. Less than a year ago was a big arms using rubber boats via sea by Regiment.

Convert developed industries in recent years and the Technology Division of GoC army headquarters.
The system is run on a different method of an unusually generous manner frequencies, and can detect unusual events on the day, at night and in fog. In addition, another advantage is the ability to investigate suspicious targets while resume views of the entire sector. This changes the concept of collecting and inquiry scan. The newly opened following the implementation of the system in force,
In combat collection (CA), will therefore also battalion bud.

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