The system should also be combined with the reserve Brigade of the armored Corps

צילום: עמית שלומוביץ’, מז”י

The advanced system, incorporated into the regular forces and force significantly improved armor Regiment in battle deadly, fast surface analysis during battle and displays data from the war zone directly to tank commander

תאריך: 12/02/2013, 16:25    
מחבר: ניצן קינר, מז“י

A system, management system, is expected to change significantly in the armored force of integration also in the reserve divisions of the force, starting from the next month.

Advanced system allows fast surface analysis before and during battle and displays data from the war zone directly to the tank commander. It came into use in armored force nine years ago, and significantly improved the ktlaniotho battalion’s armour in battle. Now use it in regular divisions, and is in the process of implementation in the reserve divisions. “Although its name is system helped, but in fact it is much more than that,” said Maj. Zahi רמ”ד, a pious,” the system that caused a significant change in terrestrial maneuver. “

The interesting works are the management stage before, and during the fight itself.
Thus enables command and control capabilities. “Previously, the analysis process area before the exercise was complicated and lasted several hours, said Maj. follower,” today, the system analyzes her own space and a tank commander data is accurate, including the look of the tank and if he exposed threats, which saves valuable time managing the fight before fighting. Major Hassid added that the advanced system installed in each tank, and connected to all systems, and systems; In addition, it is linked to all combat forces in the field, various arm forces.

The last significant change to the system took place in 2009, the year when hooked up to all the systems of the world fleet (Army Digital). Fleet provides command and control capabilities to combat arm forces and enables communication between the various forces. “Until then, me
Worked great, but was detached from the rest of the troops, which led to the absurd situation in which the use of force is one of the most advanced systems that exist, but when it comes to contact with other forces the arm – armored warriors are forced to return to outdated methods, “explained major. “With the thbruta to the world fleet will allow contact with any army, created a long-arm sharing regularly successful.”

Major process noting that follower system implementation in the reserve divisions was a challenge and took a long time. The reason is because it’s a complex system, and need to know how to work with best and take advantage of all the functions available. “Some officers who were born into the system, and senior officers that need to learn. This is our primary job right now, “shared major. A section is in the process of upgrading the system and striving for perfection, and put the unit back in the reserves is an example. There is no doubt that this is a winning combination of technology and warrior.

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