The tag to save the wounded in the attack on Mount, continues to practice.

Caracal תאג”ד not resting on laurels and continue to adjust itself to the changing quadrant on the western border. Today the practice is to treat under fire, bright hatm Sagi

תאריך: 06/01/2013, 13:23    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

Link national exercise of gathering the Caracal battalion (תאג”ד), took place last week (Wed) mountain, where the layout used in wartime. Only
A few months ago received praise from corporations about Sa’ada functioning Ribbon mount, it killed cpl. Nathaniel diamonds. The two wounded in the incident was saved thanks to the successful functioning of the tag.

However, you never rest on our laurels and continue to practice the tag to maintain a service, and give the answer best medical routine mode and operational mode. “Caracal תאג”ד tuned specifically for operations in the western sector, “explained the IDF site medical officer of spatial Division Sagi, Captain about Shamgar. “The sector has changed significantly over the past year with the wall as part of the project ‘ the Hourglass ‘ and created a new reality. We practice especially for handling accidents, whereas today the practice is to treat under fire and hostile actions hblnity, “he said.

Practice himself studies the professional content refresh existing knowledge of the tag, as well as practical exercises where you practice the power handling mass casualty and evacuation of the wounded.

Caracal תאג”ד is unique due to the fact that this is a lightweight infantry regiment “We practice with movement, with the collaboration of medical and required of us in operational activity”, described Captain Shamgar, “because it uses the Caracal armoured personnel carrier deployment method is different from other corporations.

“After working so we are sure to know hatag perform the task in the best possible manner, and manages to rescue wounded on the ground.” He added that “after the practice clearly manifested in events, and will save wounded hatag if this ongoing security and warfare.”

Also the regimental medical officer, professional academic officer Ruben bar partner to the success of the exercise. “The level of difficulty of the exercise but not challenging things that we worked on them in the past. It was challenging and intense but nothing beyond their limits, “said.

The bar explains that “this exercise was the best training we could do because he saves each tag’s qualifications.” “I learned a lot from the exercise and saw
It improved. It also cost me points on how to train the troops. We a lot of lessons, the first is the need to have more training. I really enjoyed the training, and are very important in this sector where there are many cases that should work.

Translated from Hebrew