The tenth anniversary of the bombing of the British police: “don’t confuse us.”

צילום: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

The harsh attack of memory is able to perform a single sniper, still accompanied by IDF forces Binyamin Brigade

תאריך: 04/03/2012, 10:45    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

6:37, March 3, 2002. Outside the isolated barrier facing the four reserve soldiers from the engineering company, and look around. Of the intifada days violates every day over the Israeli reality, and where they stand, Wadi haramia, better known as the British police should pin the glasses as close to the eye, and as close to weapons chest. About a minute after the shooting echoed through the mountains surrounding tranquil. The echo of the Valley, and a hidden shooter focused well on target. Every ball down, just cool. The troops are trying to restore fire, shooting almost blindly, and falling. Only one worked.
To take cover.

The mysterious shooter driving sophistication of a professional sniper. Additional reserve soldiers were sleeping.
With full equipment, arose quickly and out of the building it. The sniper shoots one ball at a time, and the echoes between the steep mountains makes it difficult to identify its location. Flowin’, confusion and soldiers shoot first to the eastern hill when Hill range which, at 100 metres.

The event was rolls quickly and totaled 15-20 minutes of battle. A lonely, no organized terrorist, to slaughter 10 people, including six reservists from 77 and an officer in the paratroopers who had joined the fighting, and three civilians who passed through the checkpoint. Four soldiers and two civilians were wounded.

Wadi haramia, River Bandits (in Arabic), was not to name. Tall mountains and Mediterranean thicket blanket room dense insulated the winding trail that passes between them, now 60, axis and turn into a strategic point. In Judea and Samaria, “the barriers” of those gory days, attempts to harm soldiers at checkpoints was often, and even today, every month, you can find reports prevent assassination of few remaining in the sector. The crossing no longer exists but the horror scenarios that students
Before employment in operational Benjamin still return to the Valley of the reserve forces,
I remember dark days.

Returning to the sector, with at least 17 terrorist

7:25, 13 February 2012. The groping of the officer, Lieutenant Badr said, right out of חטמ”ר FR g. Benjamin, House on the way to Flint.
Almost every month, going to practice the reserve battalion that catches a line.
On the menu: drive on an Israeli vehicle, wounded and dead, towards the mountains of Ofra and other agreement Chase terrorists. The usual story.

After a long journey, the car stopped in a road. Intensive probes officer out of the car, and waiting for the cars on the road. Along many meters he distributes empty shells, and then begins to mark x purple pen on his car. Fire marks. “The event in Beit Hagai,” explains Lieutenant said. “I got so guessing. What was there that makes killing the terrorists were sure that no one gets out of the car’s life, “he says.

Do not give to his Deputy. Lieutenant Saeed is considered a prodigy in Girl Scouts. No
Almost no sector in which he followed the footsteps of an all-star and criminals like Aisha, Judea, dedicated.  Full Commission came just 33,
And after following the course meanders from Judah, Benjamin and Etzion, he returned, this time as an officer, Benjamin. In total, 17 terrorists behind less.

Regular exercise before continuing operational employment. The reserve forces are getting reports about casualties, the company controls pop-up dovllim, medics and of course the Scouts.
“We make the viable part of a command, this force and force multiplier serious,” explains Lieutenant said while examining the definition of conduct that scans ofyour gallant Scouts divisional. “No
Matter how you professionally in this field, always learning new things. The terrorists know there is IDF news trackers, and always trying to surprise us again, “he says gravely. And he knows what he’s talking about.

The tenth anniversary of the bombing of the British police: “don’t confuse us.”

“A” Division for each drive

7:27, March 3, 2002. Deputy Battalion Commander 76 came quickly to sector, bouncing, and began slamming right flank with Meg connection and from the Navy that 13
The arena. More סמח”ט ‘s forces, who include fighters and Scouts, joined them soon to find the Lair of the point. After the scan, at the Scouts raised now on the terrorist trail and found where he in soldiers and civilians. “I was just very young, Division two,” recalled Lieutenant said,
“We found instead a fork type sniper rifle krabin, considered very old-fashioned, and 30 bullets. The point that he was not in control, and it took us a while to find it. ” 
In sharp contrast to the breathtaking views, sirens of ambulances transported and praised, blood stains on the road provoked feelings and mood. “It was really stressful and scary, it’s the unknown,” says thoughtfully probes officer, “we didn’t know if he had more weapons, and where he is. Thought he was a sniper, it feels that every moment you can get shot. “

They continued to follow the trail that led to the village ג’לג’יליה the damn door! “bloc”. “We continued to follow his steps, and it was amazing to discover how cool he got after the attack by. He wasn’t a man, they were slowly, voices, “said Deputy descriptor” he did sort of slow rotation and returned to Silwad.

The bomber did not get caught, and confusion. Many conspiracy theorists emerged in relation to identify
The lone bomber, who with outdated weapons to massacre is so accurate. There were rumors
Even the Irish resistance sniper hired for the attack. Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades are Fatah took responsibility, and Marwan Barghouti so hip operation.

Research Committee that investigated the incident, shows that despite the hostilities at a time when the event occurred, you would expect the regimental level to address better barriers to attack threat, by preparing the force, implementing the lessons from previous incidents, wide continuous security around the checkpoint, as well as control and initiation of the commanders. The same month, IDF went into large-scale operation defensive shield, download the amount of terrorism.

“It was a drive for each Division,” Deputy arbiter said. Aside from the death toll, the image of the all-powerful army badly tarnished after bomber took off in undisturbed, leaving behind an unsolved mystery.

The tenth anniversary of the bombing of the British police: “don’t confuse us.”

“Peace must not confuse us.

10:39, 13 February 2012. Dawn already heats up late on the miloamanikim, those at the top of the Hill the British to capture the terrorists. Down left Shoval and motor casings apparently served them, and tracks in the ground bucked and reveals where Scouts from him.
“Here,” said his Deputy.
On soft mound, “you can draw a lot of tracks. About two people,
Young twentysomethings, one larger and one smaller.
The miloamanikim climbing up and up another long minutes, ignore the sweat burst from underneath the ceramic vest. The Scouts warn that fresh tracks here and the terrorists, and it’s time to reveal that they are composed of two random soldiers from Division equipped with weapons and (lacking bullet casings) hiding close.

“Terrorists” are starting to shoot. The miloamanikim are quick to locate the source of fire, storm, along with Scouts. After about ten minutes of fighting, the battle is won for the common good.

After the troops leave for the benefit of exercise research outpost in Flint, recalled Deputy Badr said at the Hill. “Who would believe that it’s been 10 years,” he wonders, “and still is a place where might terrorists” event.

Now fit much better. “Every day consists of opening the road 60, all in sector there was framed, and penetration testing suspicious objects and cargo,” he explains, “it’s not like before. Today we take seriously cases that we didn’t treat them almost like throwing stones and Molotov cocktails, which may be over.
The disaster “.  The event, which occurred exactly Itamar a year ago in the West Bank, causing an increase in sensitivity to the topic also probes other hatm, including Benjamin. “Even in events like gzratno have criminal tampering and theft that communities can become extreme event like the. There’s no way I would be and the Tracker doesn’t get to touch a hatrat or identification by “settlement highlights the officer probes.

The bomber’s story from the British Hill amounted at the end of the day I’m feeling lucky. Two years later, the Hamad kayid Cadore (24), Tanzim in Silwad almost by accident by the power of the hoopoe as part of a series of arrests in the village.
He admitted his actions, and said that in 1998 found in Peru weapons and 300 bullets, and used to work out at sniping area wastewater Later he decided to carry out an attack on a checkpoint, it knew well. After his weapon fell apart during the attack, he went home and went to sleep.

“Peace must not be confused, and there’s always something to learn,” says Lieutenant said. “There are ways to fool the Scouts like to go back to cover tracks, across three people’s backs.
II. It’s our job to be ready.

Translated from Hebrew