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אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

In the medical reserve soon recorded a record number of reserve students, 20% of which comes from the periphery, and even demand of overseas volunteers track the top medical “concludes five years.

תאריך: 29/03/2013, 11:30    
מחבר: אלעד לביא, אט”ל

How to take an 18-year-old young man and him to be an army doctor, who is responsible for the lives of dozens of soldiers? Runway top these days, recruiting candidates for the fifth year, fails to answer the question.

More than 200 doctors for the future are now in training within the track. The fifth cycle, to open in October this year, from the last few months in orbit by any means of communication, including radio and online. The track you can try out the first order already, but some amatmiinim come during regular service – or.

For each potential candidate to show willingness to try military medicine, been a struggle.
“We are owners of sites of suitable data track while graduated high school”, says Erica plshler, רמ”ד major and mckerp management and is responsible for the track. “We’re doing everything possible to show him the options offered: it means to send all the details and answer any questions of Soloman and his parents; Sometimes we do home visits, accompanied by an army doctor who can explain firsthand what it’s like to be an army doctor.

As the first “shmsllol” the top opened, he began with 165 academic reserve. Each passing year reserve students number in circulation increases. So in 4 years received more than 200 medicine students. The fifth cycle is expected to be the best, and probably contains over 70 students. The first cycle academic reserve, who participated in the pilot of the track in 2009 go into military capability will be in 2016. But while they are still in training, processes already credited to positive reviews. Not only in the country but
Also throughout the world. “We received a lot of requests through the Web sites of people living abroad, intending to immigrate to Israel and to enlist, and the great interest in military medicine track”, major plshler.

Military medicine reserve operates in cooperation with the future “project, which encourages students from moshavim periphery into IDF reserve: hatodas 20% of each cycle are an excellent high schools of the towns dearth periphery. You can also find among
Immigrant students from Ethiopia, Druze, Bedouins and immigrants. “It’s not a criterion here where you came from,” emphasizes major plshler, “one of the characteristics of the route is in addition to the academic sorts, also a personality test. Our goal is to choose the best, and I believe that map out not only good doctors – but also great commanders. “

During seven years academic reserve studies will learn and experiment, except for medical training, classes and workshops relating to Israel, IDF land tradition and medical corps, and other workshops will enhance the ability of leadership and command. “In the summer after freshman year are sent to boot camp on March 9 in plshler, told major pests. “To help them understand what they’re about and what will be required of them, came to speak with us commanders on behalf of the Foundation. This, in addition to many preparations that they pass for the hatheilot,
Positive reactions from their commanders in boot camp. ” Also in the academic reserve officers, who are in their third, the medical officers have “For two years in succession the outstanding officers training brigades was one of ours. This proves that the people who were chosen to come here they pnomanality abilities, and be able to give results with so.

Some of the lessons that students have and how, including emphasis on the experience requirements as part of the military doctors. For example, this course will teach Physiology, medicine, aerospace Physiology, too and physiology of effort. The contents of these medical officers transferred and res. One of the first lessons that are academic reserve within the track is “ethics in military medicine. The same class last week passed the Chief Medical Officer, Brig. Gen. Dr. Isaac
Kreis. During the lecture that deliver considerable difference between military medicine content content taught at the other campus: קרפ”ר in his lecture addressed to a number of cases, the physician who
Military hard dilemma; Some cases require a doctor to enter the fire line, the incomparable choice in hospital wards or operating rooms. During the survey lecture Dr. Kreis new face in a few years the medical system, and said “I believe we have chosen the most beautiful profession in Israel.

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