The visitors can see as far there

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They are intensive training, and vital to the success of complex tasks. Wing Commander Squadron operational control: control operations anywhere on the globe. “

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חיל האוויר

They fly away from the State of Israel and operational tasks in the top importance will be in full swing. It’s not just aircraft pilots, but also airborne visitors that are right next to the cockpit and make sure that the task is complete.

Per week
Compiled over the course of airborne control Squadron Nachshon, NLD ל”טייסת” of the Israeli air force. Course completion symbolizes a long training period and adopted the visitors –
In the end they were about wings airborne control. The ceremony was also Commander of the Commander of the air force, the squadron commander and other senior figures.

Major l., Commander of the squadron flight Nachshon is also an event opposite course graduates. “Our visitors
They are part of an operational Squadron – training flights are whether operational cost “operational flights, said Maj. l. IDF site about the role.

The squadron’s flight is an integrated team of reservists, and a variety of ages and degrees. “Not always in top rank is Commander of the mission – which points to the skill of our visitors,” said major.

The air controller undergoes a long training
And on the way to completing the intensive training. Most visitors begin their flight course, and at some point they go to OCs and then come to the controllers. “At this point the officer becomes, then he set the control unit starts
Improve and study the various functions of the visitors. That process could take years, “explained major.

The visitors can see as far there

Later, in good quality cases are detected and assigned to the 101st Airborne control squadron of the air force. “Very few percentage of ground controllers arrive here because
This little wing, say less than 10% of the force’s controllers are coming to be airborne controllers, flight control “. “To be an airborne controller have to want it and be a great controller,” said Maj. l. restriction that “there are plenty of excellent cases don’t come
But if the touching here on this necessarily means you “.

The ground controller’s role advances the role of airborne controller is also over a number of years and includes training
Ongoing regional monitoring unit (יב”א) of the control panel. “Visitors should be qualified for most operational positions, then they can apply,” explained major. After receiving a visit three months turned operational. “At the end of the training, they qualified for the lesser works of a plane and start another process
Overlap – until the qualification of a large part of the prosecutions or all, “added the Commander of the Division.

Perform quality control missions, far from the State of Israel

Airborne controllers earn experience and skill during the service — and can choose to sign set to continue and advance the professional qualifications. They perform routine training flights and operational flights, and a 24-hour standby.
“If perpetrators – always know to skip a team to perform the task,” said major. Training integrating airborne controllers in graph of their formations, and also right
To coordinate and plan workouts with some squadrons. “In addition, we conduct independent training too,” added the Commander of the Division.

The need for an air force airborne is critical when it comes to remote tasks. “We can control anywhere on the entire globe. Ultimately there is no advantage to airborne control within the country – except for the upper level of our visitors, “explained Maj. l. and added that” we not only choose the best people to do the training, but that
The level of control “.

When operational, the designation and airborne visitors is to perform the controls in the regional units. “Those areas that don’t see units and reach them. The control panel is accessed from that is far from the State of Israel in the end – if so far it looks like we’re doing something really important, “Division Commander uncovered the challenging task.

At the same time, the team plane during operational activities in small number, which stands as a challenge. “There is very limited space on the plane, and cannot call somebody to help,” explained Maj. l. her limitations. However, tasks are performed in their entirety. “Visitors need to know how to operate the aircraft technically and handle breakdowns, and very close teamwork between the controllers and the pilots,” he added.

Special collaboration, he said, could be the one who will contribute to the success of the mission. “How to fly the plane can affect operational result that controllers can produce, and the importance of cooperation and coordination among the relevant factors”, concluded the flight commander.

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