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As part of the military bands of sorts, that began last week, was first documented in video auditions, for reinforcing the monitoring of prospective

תאריך: 23/01/2012, 12:01    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Last week opened the annual examinations for military bands, led by the production in the sector of education and Youth Corps. Sorts took place
Music Center in Jaffa, and the first day in Auditions rounds that contained approximately 25 to 30 subjects in the rotation. Sorts in General will be one month. Among the judges, everyone graduates bands
Military and people from the world of entertainment, were Adam YASU, winner of “a star is born”, the singer and composer Tamir Hitman, Israeli singer Yael packed and others.

This year made some changes to the screening process and reception of the candidates for the job in a military band (most singers). The audition footage, video camera by photographer of the culture and transferred to an outside tv auditions.
The operation was made for professional use – internal and external factors of migration.
“Technology suite allows us to give privacy to contestants and allow uninterrupted song”, p. רמ”ד Deputy Noam productions greschler”. “In addition, the recording is done also for the documentation in case the contestant auditions wanted to appeal the decision. If there is a suspicion of unfair preferences, you can control the behavior of the auditions, “added Lieutenant greschler”.

Moreover, an increase in the amount of military bands facilities this year. Last year received about 60 soldiers for service in military bands, and the matter will be 85. ”
Devices is the result of a process designed to increase military bands parallel to the decrease in external artists to order the Israel Defense Forces, told Lt. greschler “. This trend is part of the guidance
Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, who ordered a reduction in the use of external artists
And increased use of military bands. As a result of the expansion of the military bands, bands varied tioozerna. “We intend to combine outstanding musicians too in military bands and create unique bands. For example-there is now a Quartet played especially saxophonists formal occasions, “said Lieutenant greschler”.

Another innovation during the year setting sorts singing auditions, candidates need to learn before entry to the third stage of sorts. The IDF site learned that audition song would be “you”, a song written for the band garrison education by the singer Daniel ball. “The song was chosen because of its wide range, allows a candidate to sing high tones and low tones,” said producer sorts, symbol me crispy.

Nona, 18 from Holon, is one of the lucky ones that have passed the first stage of sorts. “That’s what I want to do in the future, and I had a lot of support from people around me,” explained Chen. “Professionals, friends and musical Executive recommended me to read,” he added. Chen sing for eight years and started taking voice lessons four years ago. “I was nervous today, but when I was singing the stress disappears and finally passed,” said Chen.

For applicants who have passed the first stage of sorts long journey still expects to receive the coveted role – in the second phase will be examined again on vocals and musical hearing, in the third stage the audition song would sing and the song and the fourth phase will be a musical workshop. At the same time, group dynamics will also be among the contenders.

Translated from Hebrew