The Warrior-2013 Edition: plan of GoC army headquarters will improve health by the qualification

Upcoming changes will enter first into several divisions and the chance, troops will focus on maintaining physical and mental health by the operational qualification. Medicine head
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מחבר: נועם שרעבי, מז”י

Upon completion of the recruitment period began the process of training hundreds of fighters in the land forces. The fresh recruits who may have tried to ascertain details before the draft, don’t know what awaits them against the summer comes by
New training programme for country development, of land. The program named “warrior” building, expect substantial changes in the areas of physical exercise, health and nutrition in the first stage will be the Kfir Brigade and the engineering troops, armor and combat intelligence collection. All in an effort to produce more qualified fighters operational assignments, but at the same time not to damage the physical and mental health.

“As an army, we are faced with many problems and injuries that are caused, in part, from a lack of basic understanding of the Warrior”, said head of GoC army medicine, Lt. Col. Dr. biood. “The commanders do not always understand that the Warrior is a machine. The Commander knows all types of Ammo, but the most important measure of his Warrior himself, he doesn’t know. Out of this gap is due mainly to junior commanders, not the soldier artists, sometimes even causing him injuries “, said Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Queen

The Warrior-2013 Edition: plan of GoC army headquarters will improve health by the qualification

The program combines exercises to strengthen the core muscles in training fighters in conjunction with combination therapy. In addition, while the unique training program will be adjusted to each soldier according to the type and severity of injury. “A wounded soldier gets today days of rest at the base or at home, and that’s a problem because the soldier’s disabled, said the branch training medicine רמ”ד medicine, major Dr. Oren Schwartz.

He said not every injury means downtime of exercise. “If the soldier broke effort, why not continue to coach? We had a table of the three most common injuries, which lists physical exercises as well as the test light bar, running and strength. Depending on the injury, gets a custom training program soldier so that he keeps in shape even when injured, “said Maj. Dr. Schwartz.

In light of the fact that
Talk the person walks to Warrior is Chief, and physical training officer or physiotherapist, importance of the commanders in the field is clear for all the professionals involved in the program, and an emphasis on advocacy and training. “Organized all the combat fitness and medicine passed on training commanders,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Queen
“From מ”כים to class מ”פים-class, to give them the tools and knowledge to handle more of their troops, as well as to build a more qualified combatants and stronger”, concluded. In the coming year and program results will decide whether or not to step on her.
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