The warriors and the central command commanders bypassed round

רצים ללא הפוגה. צילום: באדיבות עריית ירושלים

About 4,000 runners taking part in the Jerusalem Marathon 2013, many officers and soldiers from central command, along with co-Gen. Nitzan Alon. רמ”ד a combat fitness: fitness is part of” the weapon of the Warrior. “

תאריך: 02/03/2013, 18:15    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

The Jerusalem Marathon was third yesterday.
(Friday). More than 20,000 runners took part in the assign telling the story of the town along a history of 3,000 years. Among the participants were leaders and fighters of the central command, which was responsible with attending the peak amount.
About 4,000 participants, led by the champion. Head of the combat fitness central command, Captain Akiva Grossman, said that “part of the Warrior’s weapon is his left leg and his right leg, and a charge under which serve most live fighters and special units, participation in the race is a basic thing.

The warriors and the central command commanders bypassed round

Gen. Nitzan Alon and the warriors at the finish line. Photo: IDF

As mentioned above, the Jerusalem Marathon is held for the third time and includes assign including full marathon (42.195 km), half marathon (21.1 km), 10 km, Amami (2.6 miles) and communities (800 m). This year was attended by thousands of fighters from central command in mcati half marathon and 10 km, the Warrior level through battalions to champion commanders of command, Gen. Nitzan Alon. “We are taking part in the race every year, and practice it seriously. This year we have worked according to irregular and gradual training program to prepare the fighters, who participated in the race between IDF units as part of the 10 km race, the squad is a Champion Award winner and the Mayor, “said Captain Grossman.

“Combatants and commanders alike in central command maintain a fitness routine,” said Captain Grossman. As infantry fighters and special units, it is important for us to participate in a race type
It is a pride and a population that we show the entire penalty but some fitness culture of life and a healthy lifestyle. In addition, commanders are the example, there is no control that tells the soldier to begin to run, not race. Combat fitness רמ”ד added that the fitness issue is part of basic training, and keeping the Warrior service is part of the building blocks. “A very important attribute to subject and healthy lifestyle. It begins from the champion, which requires an update of the results, and if not warrior on a mission we need to investigate why, explained Captain Grossman and added that “last night won the paratroopers brigade in the IDF combat fitness Championship, which shows the importance in command, each knows that he has the capacity to strengthen heart muscles and train well throughout the year.

Translated from Hebrew