The Warriors: attackers mercenaries belonging ל”אל Al Qaeda.”

דובר צה”ל

In the discussion of the security cabinet meeting revealed that aboard the ה”מאבי cheats captured a group of about 40 people without IDs belonging to the organization. The terrorists kicked to a ceramic body and carried them as means for night vision goggles and weapons

תאריך: 02/06/2010, 19:16    
מחבר: יונתן אוריך

On the deck of the Gaza flotilla, ship “Marmara, father was a group of about 40 people without identification, mercenary mercenaries belonging to the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda so exposed at the Security Cabinet convened yesterday (Tuesday) for a special debate.

According to the information provided at the meeting, the body as bombers swooped and carried them creamy.
Night vision means, as well as a package of money. They have caught cold weapons
Perhaps. While civilian protesters were sent to the lower deck for the takeover
Navy fighters, the Group divided into squads and remains on the upper deck to attack naval fighters.

In a summary of the Cabinet meeting said that restricting the entry of ships to Gaza is an act of self-defense. The Cabinet the full responsibility for the incident on the factors that resorted to violent activities that risked vividly the lives of soldiers and expressed appreciation for the IDF function in action. The hearing continues tomorrow.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, said during the hearing that he regrets any loss of life but gives full backing to IDF. “it was not a peace flotilla, but violent force. We have movies and photos that illustrate what the fighters and the last thing I can say about this ship that is peace flotilla, “he said.

“We know from experience of operation cast lead, and before that the weapons entering Gaza is directed against our citizens. Gaza terror State has hosted by Iranian, so we try to avoid inserting weapons to Gaza by air, sea and land. Only the prenkopf ‘ ship alone caught about 200 tons of smuggled weapons from Iran to Hezbollah, “he added.

The Prime Minister said that “the opening of the Seaway will constitute an enormous danger to the security of our citizens. Therefore, we persevere in the closure policy, and examining the ships. Unable to comply with this policy without checking the contents of the ships. True international pressure and criticism of this policy, but we have to understand that it is vital to maintain the security of Israel and the State of Israel’s right to defend itself. “

Translated from Hebrew