The Warriors help residents of Kiryat Malachi: “feeling of being together.”

“Tabor”, the new two-year-old warrior of the HFC, yavne and deployed in Riyadh to assist special populations. During the funeral of the three civilians killed in this operation, the mentor residents during alarms.

תאריך: 17/11/2012, 18:05    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Residents of Kiryat Malachi, which were last present rocket damage which
Claimed the lives of three people, received yesterday (Friday) in reinforcement battalion forces Tabor of the home front command, which spread through the city to assist residents. The Battalion soldiers patrol the streets and the shopping centers of Kiryat Malachi, where he distributed fliers in Hebrew, Russian and Amharic which contained the emergency defense regulations,
And guide them protect against the sound alarms.

“We decided to focus on today in Riyadh that populations are still not able to get to them,” explained John Tabor, Lieutenant Colonel Dror Shaul. “Here, company Corps Regiment battalion Association. We’re moving into a population of new immigrants and the elderly,
Giving them pamphlets and show them the protected spaces. In case of alarms we accompanied the civilians protected areas “, he said.

Soldiers of the regiment also escorted the three ooiotiham killed the Grad in Riyadh two days ago to help the residents to defend sound alarms. During the funeral, the soldiers eventually crowd when they are equipped with mgaponim, and sound alarms guide residents how to defend. Another strength of the regiment was sent to the garden will be built, to help the populations of the deaf don’t receive alerts for alarms following pages fail to guide them to reach the protected spaces if necessary.
In addition, during the day helped the battalion’s forces in the opening and clearing of the Celts. In buildings where there were differences regarding the opening of the shelter arrived Battalion soldiers resolved the dilemmas. “Some of the buildings there are arguments about the shelter,” said Lieutenant Colonel Shaul, “the home front command troops constitute authority for residents, and when we arrive and demand for open and free
The receiver resistance decreases and the debates are resolved. “

Following the injury yesterday, observed an increase in the cooperation of residents of Kiryat malakhi with the HFC, when residents make sound defensive instructions to the protected areas during an alarm. “Despite the unfortunate event the day before, there is a sense of atmosphere and good,” said Lt. Col. Shaul.  “The population is playing. There are individuals who refuse to follow the instructions, and I personally talk to them and convince them, “he said,” we have seen a positive response to our presence here today, and we aim to work in the region tomorrow. “

Tabor is a new battalion Regiment established, joined the three regular regiments of the HFC – pre dawn. The establishment in official ceremony which took place only two weeks ago. In the procedure, the HFC brigades are conducted as fighter Regiment and function as emergency search and rescue brigades.

Translated from Hebrew