The week in road safety: “the touch you need to fight it.”

צילום: דובר צה”ל

Ten soldiers were killed in road accidents since the beginning of the year, and the IDF are committed to reducing the number of traffic accidents. Chief commanders, “stressed the responsibility of personal safety”

תאריך: 29/10/2013, 13:00    
מחבר: הרמטכ”ל, רא”ל בני גנץ

IDF soldiers and commanders,

One moment. Is all that separates life and death – both in the field and on the road. One minute separates used to bask, between the pedestrian was injured. One moment that life would return to normal yet.

From the beginning of
2013 full IDF ten martyrs were killed in road accidents, each leaving a wound in the hearts of his and love him. The IDF and its soldiers, as well as society as a whole, painful avenge the victims of the carnage on the roads.

Traffic accidents are self-defeating, and each casualty has two sides: the hits – the rest of the life of the damage caused to the victim and his family;
And injured – he and his family are paying the price every day since the accident. Accidents victims facing physical and emotional rehabilitation process, a process meant to heal a broken life after an accident – for them and for their families.

Despite the pain of loss we must remember that there is no accident. Traffic accidents are cut with fate we must handle both touched to be fought. We can be damaged in action
Operational in the field, and it’s a risk we take ourselves without hesitation for civil security in the State of Israel, but we cannot accept violation of soldiers in traffic accidents.

This week,
As every year, we commemorate the IDF national week for road safety, which applies between 27 October to 31 October. This week will be ACE on the fight activities accidents and guides throughout the year we focus on discovering women in personal responsibility, command responsibility, strict enforcement and safe driving training. I expect
Each and every one of you to take an active part in these events and continue to set an example for her behavior and conduct in the country roads.

IDF commanders and headquarters,

The soldiers
And the Corps under pikodechm are still consolidating their identity and habits that will accompany them in later life. You are responsible for is affected in this process and hanchs responsibility and values the sanctity of human life, and of course keep in mind that you are responsible for the safety and security even when they leave the gates of the base. Meeting with simple actions to protect their lives and their bodies, and the recognition of the responsibility of each individual to safety — reduce the fear of accidents in Scotland, events in our power to influence
Results. Impulsiveness, inattention and fatigue are enemies at any time, and operational activities. Even in the case of accidents act against you requiring them to take responsibility and to set them an example.

This year we act for the common goal for all of us – reducing the number of traffic accidents and casualties, the IDF.
It is our duty, and help fill it.

Translated from Hebrew