The welfare budget in reserve magic moved a special credit card

This is a significant efficiency to allow the gut to fully exploit
Comfortable, wide basket given by IDF units, including organising fun days and evenings the unit

תאריך: 12/12/2012, 11:30    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

Starting in January, a reserve combat troops commanders will
A special credit card for which the total welfare ivetan to which they are entitled. Using a card
Can Meg credit purchase they need directly and get rid of that too cumbersome method to deal with so far. Budget hampers transport between 5,000 to 30,000 dollars, considering the Division’s mission and scope of personnel. “This is a revolution in orders of magnitude, row to reserve units,” said head of the terms of service (ת”ש רמ”ד), reserve Maj. aviad.

The army welfare budget allocates per unit is used to organizing fun days, unit, official and other gifts, according to the Commander of the unit. So far, to use
In this budget, to buy a bottle of booze or bouquet, Meg had to purchase exclusively from the company that won the tender and moving cumbersome iorkrtia mask which lasted a long time.
The credit cards that are loaded will allow quick and direct purchase of Meg from her he wants to buy.

On the cards to be different limits: to purchase food in places only repenting, buy alcohol, tobacco, jewelry, etc. The monitoring will be on shopping
According to daily reports, and quarterly will all receipts from the.
“We trust them to behave properly. I believe whoever leads 400 people among can also buy hummus at independently, “said Maj. aviad.

Another significant change in Parliament came into effect on the same date, reimbursement is to reserve soldiers. So far, the soldiers have received travel vouchers for use on public transport, although many passengers in their cars. As of January, the reserve soldiers will begin to receive travel returns automatically to an account
Their bank as soon as something is done (active reserve service), by averaging public transport individually for each soldier. The reserve troops, passengers can request on an individual basis to continue to receive travel vouchers. “We understand that the critical reserve very crucial and sensitive and that any injury is significant. Therefore we always keep it and develop it economically difficult budget years “, said רמ”ד reserve ת”ש.

Translated from Hebrew