The Wiesenthal Center delegation visited the Qalandia checkpoint

About 30 senior officers from Canada, members of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.
Holocaust research, visited the Qalandia checkpoint and cohabiting reality composed of normal life texture region

תאריך: 05/11/2012, 14:00    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

The battalion of crossings Erez Military Police last week hosted a delegation from fellow at the Institute for the study of the Holocaust Simon Wiesenthal (FSWC). The delegation consisted of 30 senior officers from Canada, in addition to members of Parliament from various provinces in the country. The delegation visited the Qalandia checkpoint at major holidays being China-Itzik, one company commander in the battalion. During the visit the delegation to review the operational area of Qalandiya,
And the challenges of dealing with “chassis” Regiment in operations to preserve the fabric of life in the region.

Majestic cedar, Lt. Col. Yuval sheinkin, the Qalandiya crossing as a focus area visits. “The move represents a kind of object that symbolizes the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” explained
Lieutenant Colonel sheinkin, “most sources there disturbances, unusual events, which attracts delegations from around the world. “It’s pretty explosive. Qalandia crossing is the greatest land in the State of Israel, and in which about 15,000 people a day at three different checkpoints complexes: foot, vehicles and public transport.

Simon Wiesenthal Center President and ceo, AVI Ben-Lulu, said before the IDF website the importance of visiting the site. “Every year we organize a delegation mostly from mrochvat-non-Jewish roles, who heard about the reality in Israel just lectures and news.
With the current delegation visited Poland and also their content related to the Holocaust, and Kalandia to the complexity of the situation, “he said.

Translated from Hebrew