The winner in karate Championships 2012:98th

התחרות, השבוע. צילומים: זאב מרמורשטיין

The Championship was the 11th year in memory of Sgt. Alex Gottlieb, “sting,” died in the disaster. The competition competed ten soldiers of the army.

תאריך: 10/12/2012, 13:03    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

98th largest winner in karate Championships, which took place this weekend (Sunday) at Tel Aviv University. Israeli Championship is the year September 11, during National Karate Championship in memory of staff sergeant Alex Gottlieb, who died in 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster in 1997. During the competition, about 10 soldiers from different units, including air force combat intelligence collection Corps, GoC army headquarters, “sting.” The soldier who won is first Sergeant Shaham Tamir, that logistics in the 98th.

For the Championship, as every year, representatives of K9 unit of the IDF, “sting”, the only song of Alex Gottlieb. During the day introduced a show unit with his dog, and many returns erosion In addition, hanuka candle lighting ceremony was made by Jacob
Gottlieb and screened a video with images of MICAH’s life. “He really loved sports and was in great shape. But he never took advantage of it, he was a good soul, “told the IDF website zippi Gottlieb, MICAH’s mother. “It’s been 15 years since the fall of the tragic disaster struck while on their way to reinforce fighters in the Beaufort outpost in Lebanon. A terrible disaster carnage greed lives, dreams and dignity them paddled, told Jacob, father of MICAH, “” the family wishes to thank the doing Holy work in memory of the late “Micha

As mentioned previously, MICAH Gottlieb died in 1997 Israeli helicopter disaster while a K9 unit “sting”. In the days before his death was a hit and received a certificate. However, it was shortly before departure to OCs, and Alex believed that you can’t be an officer without
To be a part of geographically fighter in Lebanon. Therefore, despite his illness, signed a form stating that
He casts the only doctor of responsibility for health, and at the last minute could be boarded with the lvato. MICAH 4.2.1997 date fell another 72 soldiers heading for operational activity in Lebanon, a helicopter which flew shmsok collided with another helicopter helicopter.

The winner in karate Championships 2012:98th

Jacob Gottlieb in holiday candles

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