The word Raj סג”מ killed during rehearsals for the independence day ceremony on Mount Herzl

סג”מ הילה בצלאלי

Raj סג”מ, who died from the collapse of the bridge. lighting during rehearsals for the ceremony, was increased after her death Lieutenant. In addition, two soldiers were injured in the incident in medium mode and five soldiers in easy mode

תאריך: 18/04/2012, 19:55    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Lieutenant-Raj aura (20), mevaseret Zion, killed today (Wednesday)
In the afternoon a light bridge collapse during rehearsal for independence day on Mount Herzl.
The message was delivered to her family. After her death, she was raised to the rank of Lieutenant.

סג”מ Raj served as medical officer of the Valley Division organization. Her funeral will be held tonight at 10:45 in the military cemetery on Mount Herzl.

In addition, two soldiers were wounded event in moderate and five soldiers in easy mode. The soldiers were evacuated to hospitals in Jerusalem.

The Ministry of information and diaspora, the organizers of the ceremonies for the official independence day, specify
Today that they see this tragic event very seriously, attend, becoming family and wish recovery to the injured. ” It was also reported that “as soon as initial treatment in the event moved to the authorized parties to Israel Police investigation in examining the reasons that caused the collapse of the bridge. lighting in place by the company that won the tender of the construction.

Translated from Hebrew