חיילים ב”צוק איתן”. צילום ארכיון: דובר צה”ל

Three company commanders who fought against ב”צוק” back years and numbers on command under fire: “say the word ‘ me ‘ tmtzatt all the essence of command. I felt the best way of fighting. “

תאריך: 11/08/2015, 11:16    
מחבר: מיכל גלברד, אתר צה”ל

שנה למבצע צוק איתן
צוק איתן

One common word led the company commanders of “Cliff”, “me”. A year ago they were required to carry plogotiham in fighting in the Gaza Strip, as some ex-this is the first experience in the field. “Before we go I looked them in the eye and I saw lack of knowledge, fear and concern on their face,” recalled captain Ryan shuker, company leader in engineering battalion, the night led his troop to the Gaza Strip and between what is required of him as Commander. “I told them, ‘ you’re with me. Everyone and everybody, no one is OK with us. “

My responsibility as Commander of the company between major June Cohen, the company commander that “Cobra” battalion paratroopers, with the first attack. “I entered the fray with soldiers who were only seven months in the army,” he says. “They have completed the training and were abducted three boys battalion began operation return brothers. They don’t have to be soldiers in the battalion, combat occupation or work, and found themselves fighting in Gaza. “

“There is a concept called” fighting first night that–when everyone in shock, freeze,
Find Captain Cohen. “We had to fight on the ground that Hamas was holding him, and initially no one moves. The Warriors did not know what to do until I shot a few bullets. They looked at me, understood and started to fight the very-simple as we learned in training. -It wasn’t the action commands.


Captain Prince. Photo: IDF

Inside the tank, the storm is different. As a control, many times the transport network through the connection and the soldiers who followed. According to Capt. Yuval sitbon tank company commander in the 7th Armored Brigade, the parterage concept is the same. “I need to be just like the first, he sharpens. “The soldiers need to trust me. Even though they don’t see me physically, I need to know how to say
The right things and lead them.

PEP in the heart of Gaza.

If the first few days of operation required the Commander to lead in difficult moments, a few days later he adds a significant challenge-preserving contrast and combat readiness.
Encouraging and strengthening personal calls, foreign terms may sound in the heart of enemy territory, are even more critical. “Combat looks like in the movies, not shooting and blowing all
Today. There’s plenty of time, and protection, “says major. “While keeping within Gaza don’t feel much different from her stay at the base, and understanding here.
The enemy is not always clear.


Axle. Photo: IDF

Therefore, the clock combat commanders, and building a living within the operational chaos. “Every morning we wake up order. During the day there are
Division into classes, assignments, evaluation for a new mission, maintaining competency and evaluate daily “mode, except the captain. So every day he update his troops in other sectors, the situation and the fatalities in the country.

Also major Cohen found during their stay in the Gaza Strip while talking privately with troops. “I sat classes class calls and connecting to the global scene,” he recalled. “The more you reduce uncertainty of warriors they could connect to task”. He said the calls were also made in motivation slipped and personally. “I arrived at 2:00 in the morning the soldier kept in position. Talk to a soldier who is afraid in position and make sure it’s closed on directions and locations of forces-affecting. There is no substitute to the Commander running in place, “he adds.

Tomorrow’s war.

A year has passed since led the plogotiham three in fighting in the Gaza Strip. “Today I’m different as Commander platoon. I’m older and understand better what is required from me, “explains Captain Cohen. “I knew where the company should be at the end because I was already at the destination, the required operations platoon. I understand the challenges of commanding
And operational — but beyond that I graduated to lead as Commander to lead the team in the field.
Battle. There is no substitute for fighting, she wins a thousand lessons learned in training.

Major shock also realizes that today is a different Commander was commander. “I think to give commanders the right places accents-can’t give up and where can I download” motion, he discovers, and adds that the operational experience gained the company feel any training and exercise. “We tell them they need to be
Ready for war, and they don’t really understand the intention that no experienced it, “said major. “Now they understand that if we don’t do the weekly treatment their only right he will betray them, as they are betrayed.

One thing is clear to the three-Act, no matter how many years pass and advanced technologies for the power authority, the company commander needs to lead the force and to lead the warriors. “Say the word ‘ me ‘ tmtzatt all the essence of command, share major Cohen. “I felt the best way to fight-if I was a little tired company was tired, if I were the sharp company was crisp and energetic when I led-led me.”

Translated from Hebrew